Artificial Intelligence and Marketing – A Guide to 2020 and Beyond

Nov 15, 2019 6:15 PM ET

Marketing is a sector that is in a constant state of evolution. It can be challenging to keep on top of the consumer and technical demands of digital marketing, but AI is becoming an increasingly vital component. That’s because AI is more than a simple marketing tool. It is, in fact, a means of strategy enhancement, target identification, and a more seamless approach to the ongoing demand for new clients. Put simply, integrating artificial intelligence into your marketing plan is now more crucial than ever. If you want your growth strategy to pay off in 2020 and beyond, here are some AI essentials that you need to know about.

Conversion Boosting with Chatbots

Chatbots are still being used primarily for improved customer service. While this is a productive use of them, they are still capable of much more. When used in the right way, chatbots on your website can help guide your site visitors seamlessly into your sales funnel and can even react intuitively to changes in that customer journey. By promoting offers and products as they become relevant, your chatbots can increase the chances of making a sale, vastly improving your conversion rates and ensuring that you make the maximum impact delivery every time someone visits your landing pages. AI is becoming an essential resource, and growing your business through chatbots has never been easier. As AI continues to improve, brands that are not using chatbots are set to fall behind the competitors who are.

Customer Awareness through Social Listening

More than any other tech leap forward, social media has transformed the way that businesses communicate with their customers and extend their reach into new markets. Social media and AI are a match made in entrepreneur’s heaven. By using AI to find and collate the information that is being said about your brand on social media platforms, it becomes significantly easier to track your online reputation and find out what consumers are saying about you. Not only that, but by delving deeper into the metrics of your social mentions, you get to learn more about your target audience, making it much easier to refine your marketing campaigns so that they are more relevant, faster to develop, and with a much more defined scope.



Content Marketing and AI

The fact remains that the most important method of digital marketing is through the use of content. Of course, content can take time and skill to develop, and that makes it a very laborious task. AI is now sufficiently advanced to the point where content can be easily created by it. Writing bots can take inputted data and turn it into written content, although it is not yet adept enough to create well-thought-out think pieces to show off your industry knowledge. However, for social media posts, marketing emails, and basic blog posts, AI content writing tools can certainly produce your word count easily and quickly. You will still need to read through and edit the created documents, but this will be far less time-consuming than writing new content from scratch.


AI continues to play more and more of a role in business management and marketing. By introducing AI into your marketing strategy, you can effectively cut down time wasted on manual tasks and get more results from your existing processes. This can only improve the effectiveness of your marketing. If you want to grow your brand in 2020, then AI needs to become an integral part of your digital marketing.artificial-intelligence-2167835_960_720

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