Artur Hiaeve Reveals His Top Must-Visit Sites When Vacationing in New York City

Jul 13, 2020 5:40 PM ET

Artur Hiaeve reveals his top must-visit sites when vacationing with family in New York City.

MIAMI BEACH, FL / JULY 13, 2020 / Artur Hiaeve spent much of his youth in New York City. The countless years he spent exploring the boroughs and all of the city’s greatest sites — small and large — have led him to know this city inside and out. Artur Hiaeve is an avid traveler and family man, and many of his favorite vacations involve taking his family back to his old stomping grounds, New York City.

Artur Hiaeve states that New York City, despite its often overwhelming size and nonstop action, is an ideal family vacation destination. He argues that it’s home to countless educational experiences, unbeatable dining, and plenty of sites that are just plain fun to explore with family.

“Of course, there are the iconic New York City sites every person should see in their lifetime,” Artur Hiaeve says. “But there are also those underground spots that make everyone in your family say ‘wow.’”

Artur Hiaeve explains that New York City is a destination travelers can visit again and again without ever seeing everything the city has to offer. He states that he has loved showing his kids the city’s most iconic sites over the years as well as those lesser-known destinations he visited with his local relatives decades ago.

“The No.1 thing I tell every visitor to do is hop aboard the the Staten Island Ferry,” Artur Hiaeve says. “It’s completely free and offers some of the best views of the city, New Jersey, and the Statue of Liberty.”

Artur Hiaeve explains that the Staten Island Ferry is meant as a commuter ferry, so it gets extremely crowded during rush hour. However, those who hop aboard during a different time of day will enjoy unbeatable sightseeing without paying a dime. Artur Hiaeve adds that another must-visit site is Brooklyn Bridge Park, which offers iconic views of the city skyline. He explains that everyone should walk the Brooklyn Bridge at least once, and it’s an ideal way to start the day before temperatures rise.

“It’s a little off-beat, but I always recommend heading to Chinatown on an empty stomach and taking your own culinary tour,” Artur Hiaeve says. “This is something my family looks forward to every time we visit the city. We always stock up on fun Chinatown souvenirs while we’re there too.”

Artur Hiaeve adds that one of the top tourist attractions in the city is the One World Observatory in One World Trade Center. Now the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, it’s an ideal place to take in views, but more importantly, it’s a place to remember the lives lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He explains this site is an absolute must, no matter how old your children may be.

“New York is a must-see city with countless must-visit sites. These are just a few that I always recommend, but I hope you’ll visit and create your a ‘must-see’ list of your own too,” Artur Hiaeve finishes.


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