Assisted Living Vs. Nursing Home Care: Akash Brahmbhatt Explains How To Choose The Right Fit For Your Loved One

Jul 30, 2021 12:00 PM ET

Akash Brahmbhatt Shares His Tips For Choosing Care For Your Loved One

 When it’s time for your loved one to move out of their home and into a facility that can provide full- or part-time care, it can be tough to decide whether assisted living or nursing home care makes the most sense. Nursing home owner Akash Brahmbhatt is sharing his top tips for helping family members decide what level of care makes the most sense for their loved ones. 

Consider The Level Of Care Needed

Akash Brahmbhatt says that it’s important to consider the level of care that your loved one needs. If your loved one is able to provide much of their own care (including basic house cleaning tasks, cooking, bathing, etc.), an assisted living facility may be a good fit. Many assisted living facilities are set up so that each resident lives in their own condo or small home, providing a sense of independence while still giving residents the additional help that they need. 

Akash Brahmbhatt and friend

A nursing home provides a more full range of services, and is an appropriate choice for people who need around-the-clock nursing care. If your loved one is sick or injured, has a degenerative neurological condition, or otherwise needs a higher level of care, a nursing home may be a better fit for them than assisted living, according to Akash Brahmbhatt

Akash Brahmbhatt Recommends Factoring In Their Lifestyle

It’s also important to consider your loved one’s lifestyle. In an assisted living facility, your loved one may live alone, while also having the opportunity to enjoy social activities with other members of the community. In a nursing home facility, your loved one will have a room and may even have a roommate. Akash Brahmbhatt recommends considering your loved one’s social preferences when deciding what level of care makes the most sense for their needs. 

Think About Nutritional Needs

You’ll also want to think about whether your loved one has the ability to cook healthy food for themselves. In an assisted living facility, your loved one may cook their own meals inside their home, with the option of joining other members of the community for meal-based social events. In a nursing home facility, all of your loved one’s meals will be provided for them. This can be helpful if your loved one has a condition that requires a special diet, according to Akash Brahmbhatt

If you’re struggling to decide what type of care is best for your loved one, it’s also a smart idea to talk with their primary care provider, according to Akash Brahmbhatt. They’ll be able to provide direction on how to ensure your loved one gets the care they need. 

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