Asteroid Alert!!! NASA Says That Three Asteroids Will Come Near To Earth Today

Mar 28, 2020 8:25 PM ET

Our space agency has spotted that there will be three asteroids heading towards our planet. Further, NASA has stated that these asteroids have Earth inserting orbits and even though they are passing our planet at a small distance, the asteroids will not affect or harm the planet.

The first asteroid is scheduled to pass our Earth today and the name of it is 2020 FM5 and it runs at the diameter of 36, as indicated in the NASA’s center for the NEO studies database.

This asteroid has approached near to our planet at around 4.18 am, with the speed of 12,000 miles per hour and they estimated that the asteroid passing the Earth at a distance of 1.3 million miles away.

While the second space rock spotted by NASA is named as 2020 FT5 that measures about 125 feet wide. This asteroid is expected to travel from the solar system with the direction towards the Earth at the speed of about 30,000 miles per hour.

Further CNEOS determined that this space rock passed our Earth one hour after the first one passed. The asteroid was coming with a speed of 2.3 million miles away from our planet.

On the same day, the third asteroid is expected to approach our Earth at about 5.24 pm and is named as 2020 FZ2 and considered to be the most prominent one from all the three. Additionally, it is expected to fly past Earth with a higher speed of about 50,000 million miles per hour and situated at around 3.3 million miles away from the planet’s center.

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