Astronauts in space radiate positive feelings to people on Earth. (Amazing photos too.)

Mar 28, 2020 1:55 AM ET

NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan of the International Space Station shared this breathtaking image of the earth from space along with an inspiring message for a world caught in the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo credit: @ AstroDrewMorgan / Twitter)

Astronauts on the International Space Station share positive and breathtaking images of our home planet from their temporary home in orbit as the world grapples with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Yesterday (March 26), NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan shared a hopeful feeling from the International Space Station on twitter. In addition to a breathtaking picture of the earth with a piece of the space station in view, he wrote: “Even in our most difficult times we live on a beautiful planet. Stay on the strong planet Earth, we are together in this space. # SpaceStation4all.” “

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But Morgan is not the only astronaut who uses this unique perspective to take impressive pictures that remind us here on Earth of how incredible our home really is.

NASA astronaut Jessica Meir, who is also on board the space station, has taken incredible pictures of our planet. When sharing these images, she uses the hashtag #EarthStrong, which other astronauts have adopted to share their unique perspectives and connect.

This image below, shared by Meir on March 25th, shows the earth next to the radiant, star-filled night sky. “Is it day or is it night? #NoFilter here, when the moon took pictures of the night sky a few weeks ago, it was so bright that it illuminated the earth below. Good night earth, let it be bright! #GoodnightFromSpace #EarthStrong , “” She wrote on Twitter.

The day before, on March 24, she shared a picture of the United Kingdom, Ireland and part of Europe from space. The picture taken at night shows all the lights that shine in the cities below.

“Pretty rare to see #UK, #Ireland and (a little) #Europe in one shot with no cloud in the sky … hopefully a sign of better times for everyone. Good night for my family and friends across the pond! #GoodnightFromSpace #EarthStrong, ” Meir wroteThis seems to indicate that she sees changes in the way Earth looks when people around the world isolate themselves and travel and use less fossil fuels. Orbiting satellites have observed so far significant changes in nitrogen dioxide emissions in countries such as Italy and China.
Meir shared another particularly impressive snapshot on the same day (March 24). She tweeted a swirling picture of landforms in Algeria that almost look like a painting from space. “Because a day of Algerian #EarthArt is never enough … There’s so much going on down there, open to discussions for wise geologists! #EarthStrong #STEM,” Meir shared.

On March 23, Meir shared another eye-catching, colorful picture of Algeria, which could either be a photo of the earth or a profound painting.

“It sends a positive Monday mood to Mother Earth and all her residents. She still looks just as stunning from up here on @Space_Station. Check out #Algeria that looks like a cross section of a quartz crystal. #EarthArt #EarthStrong,” said Meir.

These are just a few of the stunning images that Meir and others have taken and continue to take and share from Earth from space. These photos remind us that our planet is an incredible, fragile, and great thing, even though people here on Earth face incredible challenges.

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