Ayesha Curry In a Soup About Her “Male Attention” Comment

May 10, 2019 12:15 PM ET

A comment Ayesha Curry, the Canadian-American actress, made on a Red Table Talk episode this week shone the spotlight on her and not necessarily for the right reasons. She has been showing up in an endless number of tweets and memes, some of which are supportive of her while others are full of criticism.


This fallout from the interview she had with the women of Red Table Talk was in response to what she said regarding her insecurity. During the interview, she admitted she was insecure about the fact that the amount of attention she receives from men is disproportionate to what her husband, Steph Curry, the NBA star receives from women.


While on the Facebook Watch show, she stated that there are a large number of women that throw themselves at her husband; but she hasn’t had any of that for the past 10 years. This was the point that her insecurity stemmed from, she said, which also bothered her a great deal.


Curry said that today, she has zero male attention which is why she has started to internalize and is now asking herself whether something is wrong with her. Ayesha added that while she doesn’t crave for the attention, it’s just nice to know that someone is actually looking at her and that there is nothing wrong in wanting that.


The Tidal Wave of Comments on Social Media


Curry’s comment ushered in an immediate response on social media and most of it was ridiculing. People, most of whom were men mentioned that they found the comment absurd and it didn’t take long for the memes to come flowing in. The general vibe was a mix of jest and insult where many people mentioned Curry was asking toomuch. They said that considering that she was married andstill wanted attention from men, was a ridiculous thought in the first place.


The Defense


The trolls haven’t stopped joking about her comment, and many of these jokes have gone viral. All of these responses ultimately compelled Ayesha to address the debacle and she defended her comment via a post on Instagram wherein she wrote that she is human and that it gives her great joy to be vulnerable sometimes, speak her mind and to be aware of who she is, inside and out.


She also added that she chose to speak candidly about the matter and that she consciously chose to be honest, so that other women like her would know that they had support. She said that since its mental awareness month, she intended to speak her truth and encourage people to do the same, regardless of what perception others had of them. The 30-year-old mother of three also wrote that people should not be concerned about offending someone or fitting into a mold because after all, it’s their truth.


The Truth That Had To Be Told


At the end of the instagram post, she added that modern women need to empower and uplift and should never shy from expressing their thoughts and feelings, regardless of how fleeting some of them may be. There has been a subtle change in the online space regarding this conversation, and some women are speaking up in Ayesha’s defense, by making mention of their insecurities and vulnerabilities and validating her feelings.


Some women feel that her honesty and openness about her vulnerability should be lauded and that she has brought to the fore a conversation which to date had been swept under the carpet, although every woman was thinking about it.

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