Barbadian Project Management Professional Creates Contact Tracing App to Support the Caribbean region.

Mar 7, 2021 5:01 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 7, 2021  12:01 PM ET

THE CARIBBEAN– Contact tracing in the Barbados and Caribbean is set to get a major boost following the launch of a dynamic new app, EntryPass, by LIONEER Holdings Limited.

Presently, contract tracing throughout most of the Caribbean is limited to manual collection of customer’s personal data by a security personnel or an employee of the business.  Sadly, this method encourages individuals to be untruthful as they are likely exposing their personal information to strangers in the vicinity. This is a safety risk, especially for the vulnerable.

EntryPass, is a digital visitor management system that offers a safe way for businesses to operate and uphold government guidelines on contact tracing. The app collects the personal data of persons visiting high human traffic areas (hotspots), selected public venues and workplaces of essential services to prevent and control the transmission of Covid-19.  Visitors and employees can log in their contact details at entry or exit points by scanning a personal QR code which is provided when they first download the app. The data collected at each venue point is automatically sent to the health authorities only for the purpose of contact tracing. If a case is linked to a venue, business operators will only be contacted by the relevant authorities, if there is any follow-up action to be taken by the venue operators.

The EntryPass App is available as a subscription service for businesses. Subscription rates start from  US$29 per month for small businesses. However,  residential users and approved health care organisations can access the app and its services for free.  Once registered, business operators will receive a QR code scanner specifically for their location. This is a digital scanner that can be accessed on a mobile phone or a tablet.  They can then collect visitor data via an automated system which protects visitors’ privacy.

Project Management Professional, Kwesi Osei, is the mastermind behind EntryPass. He is also the Managing Director of LIONEER Holdings Limited. When asked about data privacy and protection, Osei explained:  “We ensure only those who need access to your data can access it.  For example when your QR code is scanned only your username is revealed to the business where you were scanned. Only authorized health agencies and government authorities performing contact tracing will ever be able to access your personal contact details and full name. Your data is also stored on a secure server and all information transmitted from that server and your mobile device is encrypted.  Also, Entrypass does not collect any health-related information only basic personal information.  We’ve left the health related stuff to the health professionals. Entrypass simply protects people and privacy”

The QR code generated from the EntryPass App protects all personal user identification information. What’s more is that it saves time and effort in collecting information from visitors. It also improves the efficiency of contact tracing by reducing falsification of information due to the level of privacy involved.

The EntryPass app is available for download on the App store and Google Play store. Approved Health Organisations can contact the company to begin the registration process. For further information about the app, visit:

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