BeiBei Zhang Continues Career as Successful Real Estate Professional

Mar 23, 2023 9:43 AM ET

The real estate industry in Florida has continued to be very competitive, and finding a way to set yourself apart is important. One individual that has continued to excel in this industry in Florida is BeiBei Zhang. She has continued a long and successful career in this field and has interest in different practices and investments. At the same time, she has continued to find ways to give back to her local community.

Real Estate Agency and Property Management

One of the main professionals that BeiBei Zhang focuses on is real estate property management and real estate sales. Today, she owns two different large property management firms that offer management, leasing, and advisory services for over 200 properties located across the state. She also offers real estate sales and brokerage services that help individuals and larger investors buy and sell properties. Her keen awareness of the market has allowed her to provide a lot of value to her customers.

Investment of Distressed Assets

Another one of the business lines and investments that she focuses on is the investment in distressed assets. BeiBei Zhang has been able to find great deals on real estate projects located throughout the state. She will aim to find a property in a good market that needs some improvement. She then oversees the renovation and repositioning of these properties that can eventually be leased or sold for a good return on her investment.

Real Estate Advisory Services

Due to the success that she has had as a real estate investor, agent, and property manager, many people will reach out to BeiBei Zhang to learn more. Due to this, she has started a real estate advisory service that has allowed her to share her successes with others. For more than 15 years, she has works with individual and institutional investors looking to enter the Florida real estate market. Her ability to identify good opportunities and enact a sound business plan has helped many of these investors do very well.

BeiBei Zhang Gives Back to the Community

The work she continues to put into the real estate market in Florida takes up a considerable amount of time. However, BeiBei Zhang still finds time and ways to give back to the local community. She frequently gives both her financial resources, professional guidance, and financial resources to a number of nonprofit and charitable organizations here. Some of the top organizations that she helps to support include Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the local Rotary Club, and various organizations that provide relief to those suffering from the recent Florida hurricanes.

Investing in the Florida real estate market can be a great long-term option. For those that are looking to have a career here, emulating the success and career of BeiBei Zhang is a good idea. She has continued to have a lot of success in different types of investments and leadership of different companies.

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