Benefits of Drones in Agriculture

Aug 10, 2020 8:00 AM ET

One of the oldest practices in the world by humans in agriculture.  Relatively speaking, it has not changed as much as most people would say other industries have changed.

But now the industry is really starting to feel the heat of technology helping and it looks like it is going to improve for the better.  Drones have been on the scene for a while now and they definitely serve a great purpose for farmers that want an upper hand to save more time and money.

I have included some of the ways that agriculture drone software development is changing the tide in agriculture and becoming a huge help.

Tracking Health and Location of Livestock and Crops

Farmers work super hard, but it is not the optimal way.  What if they could have eyes in more than one place at once?

With drone technology, they can track the health and well-being of their crops and livestock without wasting the time to drive there.  This can be done from the comfort of their own home or by a drone operator, so the farmer frees up more time to do other tasks.

Predict Yields Based on Data

No more eye-balling the crops and guessing.  With data from your drone, you could be able to use data from a software build into your drone and actually predict what the yields of your crops will be for that year.

It is pretty significant that agriculture is getting so advanced to use data to predict yields of crops and it could be a huge help to farming in the future and beyond.


Finally, a major thing that could help farmers if they use drones is using the drone to fly over their property and judge elevations to use it to plan for irrigation to crops.

No more guesswork is needed because your drone can take in all of the information that you need, and it can help you formulate a plan with your data to irrigate your fields and get water everywhere that you need it.

Drones can also even spray crops if the drone is made to be able to handle a task like that.  If you have a small area that can’t be sprayed from a crop plane, then a drone that could spray crops is a task that would help you save time instead of doing it by hand or with a sprayer.

The agriculture industry is advancing with technology and it looks like it is going to continue to get better and better.  Many industries are advancing with drone technology because it is pretty cost-effective and is so much help compared to traditional methods.

It will be interesting to see what other advancements drones can make in the near future because they are truly changing lives and making people rethink how we do things.  Farming and livestock are industries that drones will be revolutionary in the future.


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