Benjamin Berry of Minnesota offers tips on opening a restaurant during a pandemic

Apr 9, 2021 3:00 PM ET

Benjamin Berry of Minnesota discusses how to successfully open a restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic

The hospitality industry has suffered substantial financial setbacks over the past year due to limitations on public gatherings imposed to slow the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. As a result, thousands of restaurants have either been forced to enter bankruptcy or close entirely, suggests Benjamin Berry of Minnesota. With vaccination campaigns already underway throughout the nation, the hospitality industry expects to rebound as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, offering hopeful restaurateurs opportunities to successfully enter the industry.

Benjamin Berry of Minnesota covers the basics of opening a restaurant

Location is the most important factor in the success or failure of a new hospitality concern, suggests Benjamin Berry of Minnesota. Make sure to create a complete concept before getting started looking for a location, and search for a space that blends well with the restaurant’s overall theme. Restaurant layout and design also play a critical role in the opening process and helps inform initial budgeting calculations. Both of these elements form core elements of any well-designed business plan, according to Benjamin Berry of Minnesota. Creating a thorough business plan that plans for contingencies permit entrepreneurs to visualize and address a variety of issues in a systematic fashion, increasing the likelihood of a smooth opening process. A well-thought-out marketing plan helps new hospitality concerns get started with momentum. Benjamin suggests focusing your initial marketing dollars on digital media for more value.

Benjamin Berry of Minnesota discusses considerations for opening a restaurant during a pandemic

There are several additional factors that need to be taken into consideration when opening a restaurant during the pandemic, including changing COVID-19 regulations suggests, Benjamin Berry of Minnesota. Safety comes first when it comes to planning in these difficult times. It is critical to ensure that all national and local COVID-19 regulations are followed, which means additional health and safety planning and training for employees before launch. Benjamin Berry of Minnesota also emphasizes the importance of flexibility given the rapidly changing nature of the current COVID-19 crisis. Be prepared to pivot in order to maintain profitability.

It is important to factor take-out and delivery options into the business plan of any restaurant that will be opening before the pandemic is fully under control. Think through ways to remain solvent as localities gradually begin permitting more in-person dining. Restaurant entrepreneurs need to be creative under the current circumstances. New restaurants have an opportunity to launch in a new environment that will reward innovative concepts that offer more than just a place to enjoy a high-quality dining experience. New restaurant owners have the opportunity to expand beyond traditional concepts to develop business models that extend and strengthen customer engagement.


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