Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach on the Best Trade Tips to Cure World Economy during the COVID-19 Crisis

Jul 14, 2020 10:00 AM ET

In order to ensure a sustained rebound from the corona pandemic as well as the building up of a flexible and broader world economy, business finance must take precedence over a number of other items on the world’s agenda.

The corona crisis has made things difficult for all and affected the whole world, leaving no nation unscathed. Though the world has entered into a recession, it does not mean we cannot take steps to improve the global economy. Trade and business groups should begin to consider the number of ways to overcome the recession. Here is how:

Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach suggests working in collaboration

China, which was first country to be affected by the coronavirus, has begun to take the necessary steps to recover from this global pandemic and overcome the ensuing recession. We all need to work in collaboration in order to recover from the damage caused by months of lockdown and limitations on movement all over the world that led to considerable harm to industrial revenues and projected profits.

Businesses and trade centers must consider reopening with reduced staff to ensure that businesses can regain their functional state of operations. Taking the necessary actions will help in the gradual development of business and in many cases, will even increase the rate at which business will grow. It is imperative that businesses begin to consider ways to recover from cancellation of orders, postponements, and delays in payments.

With the community health recovering, businesses should also rebound from the damage caused. According to Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach ,no nation can fight the pandemic alone but needs to fight the crisis jointly to boost the global economy.

Solidarity is the key to recovery

The best way to reduce the pandemic’s damage is through harmony. The nations need to guard their citizens, and therefore, respective governments should team up to build effective solutions that are beneficial for all. It is important to disregard all differences and prejudices as these will only get in the way of the greater objective of fighting the pandemic, keeping people safe and ensuring the recovery of local and national economics.

The initial step is the elimination of protectionist taxes and other trade obstacles. Next, it is necessary to ensure that essential goods like medical equipment,supplies, food, and other necessities reach people when they need it as well as the places where essentials are required as soon as possible. It is important to remember that no one is safe until all are safe.

Protecting employment

Despite the astronomical amount of damages caused by the corona pandemic, governments and businesses need to protect employment, people’s income, and their livelihood. The most important thing to do is protect small and medium-sized businesses to secure jobs at the local level. Ensuring this protection is essential due to the fact that the SMEs contribute to a considerable amount of employment opportunities in most nations. Additionally, these businesses provide the majority of goods, merchandise,and services that most of society needs every day.

All national governments need to ensure that a temporary lockdown does not lead to permanent damage to the structural integrity of SMEs. Therefore, it is beneficial for the local as well as the national economy to place a substantial amount of effort in the protection of small and medium-sized businesses amid this pandemic. Business-as-usual should be the goal of every enterprise, even if it means reducing the staff. Total closure will not improve the situation once the lockdown is lifted.

Final words

Now that you have these tips in front of you, implement them to improve the economy. Humanitarian assistance and cooperation during times of crisis have proven to be the best solutions to recover world economies.


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