Best application for the kids’ protection

Feb 25, 2021 9:33 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 25, 2021  4:33 AM ET

The Internet has spread over the years come all over the world and has help people to bring closer to each other. We have also opened new ways to new information and we have also explored and resort to new things because of the Internet. But everything has pros and cons with it. the Internet is not a thing without ill Effects. It also has a whole dark side of possibilities. Famisafe parental control app helps you to get some relaxation as you can control the location of you are loved ones.

By the Internet revolution all over the world, our kids have also been a part of this revolution and can now easily connect or meet up with the potentially harmful strangers on the Internet. Kids are very innocent and do not know what to do can you meet up to new people. These strangers can take your child to some of the other places without getting it into your knowledge. But the famisafe location tracker app helps you to Get around the location of your child and you can protect them in the way you want.

A quick check on your child’s location

It is better to expose your child to the digital world as it may protect them from certain things but, exposure to everything could not be good. Your kid may learn to Tell the parents to lie and go to someplace where they are not safe, if you know that location you can easily head towards it and get your child. You are not now needed to call your child for their location since you have a location tracker app on your phone.

Some parents still face difficulty in tracking the location of their child and even do not know how to control their child. you can easily do it with the help of the famisafe location control app.

Tracking the location of your kids through a location tracker

Location tracker Helps you to get through the location of your child by using a GPS.  This GPS is set in both the devices that you have connected with the application. It also provides a map view. This helps you to get the exact location of your kid and even get the map of the route they followed to reach the location they are now at. You can even get notifications of where your child has been and for what times even.

Setting up a famisafe location control app in your device for the first time

It is very easy to have a location tracker app in you add your kid’s device. You can easily follow the steps given below to enjoy the features of this app:

Step 1 The first step must be the downloading of the application. This application can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices. This application is available on the play store, Apple store, Amazon store.

Step 2 After downloading the application you have to sign up in the application and register your account on the location tracker app.

Step 3 log in to your device or your smartphone and set up as a parent.

Step 4 Fill up all the entries that are given to you on-screen and also follow the instructions to complete the setup process on the parent device. You can now take your device on parent mode.

Step 5 take the smartphone or iOS of your kid and then do the same process is written above.  You have to download the application first of all. Sign up and register on the other account as a kid.

Step 6 Sign up for your location tracker app account and set up the device like a kid.

Step 7 Now after following all the on-screen instructions given to you can have a quick check on the features of the application and ensured that you have installed the famous if managed profile.

Step 8 After both the devices have been set up, you can control all the features of your kid’s device remotely by using the parent app.

The pricing system of the location control app

Location tracker provides you a free trial of 3 days. You can sign up and test these features without any limitation for 3 days. What once that free trial is over, you have to choose a regular and particular subscription plan offered to you by the application to continue the usage of the application.   The monthly bill plan costs about $ 9.99 while the yearly plan offered to you be just $ 59.99 a year.

There is also a system of having the features of quarterly. This gives you access to its features for just $ 19.99 every quarter. Your child is now safe under the location tracker and control app.