Best cryptocurrency to mine in the year 2019

Mar 21, 2019 1:35 PM ET

For a long Bitcoin has been the most favored currency for mining and many miners have been focusing on mining this currency. With passing time, the rate of Bitcoin kept on increasing, and more people began to invest in the Bitcoin while at the same time the competition of mining kept on increasing. With the increase in the mining of bitcoin, its mining has become difficult. The high cost of mining cannot be covered with the number of Bitcoins being mined. However, this does not mean that it is the end of mining because there are other alternatives besides Bitcoins. The alternative cryptocurrency can be mined that will return the cost of mining at a higher profit. The mining of Bitcoin is only getting more difficult with each day, but in the year 2019, you can mine other currencies. The cryptocurrencies best suited for mining in the year 2019 are listed below.


Litecoin is an excellent alternative to Bitcoin when it comes to mining currency, and it is based on a peer-based process which makes Global transaction much more accessible. Litecoin is the byproduct of Bitcoin as it was created to speed up the transaction confirmation process and reduce the fee of the transaction. The confirmation of Litecoin is better and offer better storage capacity. The cost of Litecoin mining machine is also less compared to the Bitcoin. So you will be getting more for less amount of expenses. The return rate of Litecoin is even, and it has a greater chance of increased value.

Monero (XMR)

Monero is the concurrency that has become the center of attention in the year 2019 because it has the highest profit margin compared to other cryptocurrencies. Other currencies also offer high-profit margin, but the respect that Monero has in the cryptocurrency makes it different and more reliable than other cryptocurrencies. Monero is focused on providing privacy to its users. The address used by both senders and receivers is hidden in the blockchain, so the general public is not able to access it. The secrecy offered by Monero is also the reason for its use in illegal transactions and business.


Zcoin has been around for quite some time, and it rose to fame when the cryptocurrency was at its peak. However, the coin has been around before the rise of Cryptocurrency which makes it distinctive than the large number of cryptocurrencies that exists out there. The currency is accepted in most of the exchanges, so this currency is also easier to exchange. Zcoin presents an opportunity for you to earn more at less cost.


In terms of cost, Ethereum has the highest value of mining among the cryptocurrencies listed here. With the introduction of Ethereum Constantinople hard fork, the mining has even gotten difficult. The reward gained have gotten smaller, which has reduced the supply of Ethereum in the market leading to the increase return rate of Ethereum.

2019 might be a challenging year for mining crypto coins, but miners have other alternatives that could earn them an enormous amount of profit.

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