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Oct 17, 2020 2:35 PM ET
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London is the city of everything excellent that you can think of. If your kids are Harry Potter fans, the royal family will probably want them to visit those areas. Since this is a city of gems, there are some areas that you need to visit to have a glimpse of how beautiful this city is. However, London can be a relatively expensive city compared to many cities in the world. This goes for hotels, traveling around London, meals, and even site seeing locations. But we can cut all that down with some of the Heathrow travel guide. This will help you identify some of the best areas you can stay, travel cheaply, and more without breaking the bank.

The first thing that we need to identify is the transport means to enable you to move around the city. There are so many taxi service providers in London, but you need one that meets all the great features. Take your time to find a good taxi as this will offer you a cheap way to travel around London city. A cab with useful features is one that has some of the well-maintained cars. Their cars need to be in good condition, and they should also be tidy. You don’t want to be traveling with your kids in a dirty car.

Heathrow offers some of its best minicab taxi services, and they are cheap. The Heathrow Airport Transfer is so excellent when it comes to providing services and, thus, a good option.


There are several museums in London, and you can spend time at these museums for free. These are world-class museums that you can go to and check out some great gems that are there. You can take your kids to the Imperial War Museum, which is free, which is excellent for older kids. The Museum of London is free, and you don’t have to pay a penny. This is one of the largest urban museums in London, and you will have a great time there.


The other fun thing that you have to do in London is to experience the royal pageantry. This pageantry is available at Buckingham Palace, and you and your kids can have fun watching the change of guards. The guards have horses, and this event is so huge, and you don’t want to miss out.


You won’t say you have been to London without having a taste of the British culture of taking the afternoon tea. This is a budget-friendly activity that you must experience. You can have this tea together with some desserts, and this food can be plenty, which you might end up packing.


Consider booking a cheap hotel but still classy that offers you all the amenities. Room rates for a family can go for around $500, and these are mid-range hotels. Another option is Premier Inn County Hall, which offers cheap rooms for about $50.


Having the best family vacation in London does not have to be ending up breaking the bank. You can use some of the best taxi service providers and still cheap ones. Spend time visiting excellent locations and stay at great hotels, all within a budget.