Best Fitness Moves for your At Home Workout: Ido Fishman

Apr 23, 2021 4:28 PM ET

When you are working out at home, you should know about the various fitness moves that you can try. Read on if you want to learn about some of the best fitness moves you can try as part of your home workout. As per Ido Fishman, these exercise routines are very effective and will yield great results for you if you are consistent.

Chair Squat

As per Ido Fishman, chair squat is one of the best fitness workout moves that you can try at home. Squat to make your core legs stronger. That as a result will make your day-to-day movements much easier and simpler to execute. So how do you carry out a chair squat? Beginning with a chair positioned under you will assist you in mastering proper form.

Directions for Chair Squat:

You start with standing in front of a chair with your feet apart (shoulder-width) and your toes pointing out slightly.

Bending your knees and hinging at your hip region, lower down and back till your bottom touches the surface of the chair, enabling both of your arms to spread out right in front of you.

The final step is to push up via your heels and then go back to the position from which you started.

Bicycle Crunch

The bicycle crunch is a very effective targeted abs fitness move that will help you work your core.

Directions for Bicycle Crunch:

To begin with, lie straight on your back and pull up both your legs to a table top position. Then you have to bend your elbows and place hands behind head.

Next, crunch up and pull your elbow (the right one) to your left knee, flattening your right leg.

Slightly release crunch. Then bend the right leg and uncurl your left leg. After that, pull up your left elbow to your right knee.

Now you have to repeat these moves for the preferred number of reps.

The abovementioned fitness routines are included in the beginner routine. Once you have mastered them perfectly, you are all set to try the intermediate moves.  Complete two sets of 11-13 reps of the following exercises. Then move on to the next one after resting for a minute.

Pike pushups

When you add a pushup to your pike, you can further target your shoulders It is important to keep in mind that all of the movement here is in your arms. Therefore, you need to keep the rest of your body as steady and stable as possible.

In order to perform this exercise routine, adopt a pike position and then bend at your elbow — enabling them to bulge to the sides — pointing your head’s top part towards the level of the ground.

Walking lunge

When you travel rather than staying at the same spot in a lunge, you will be able to add elements of mobility, stability and balance.

Begin with both of your feet together and take a step forward while you lunge with your right leg. Then get up (standing position) and repeat movement with your left leg.


This fitness exercise involves working your lower back and your body’s entire backside with a superman. It is vital and Ido Fishman agrees as well that you ought to proceed as slowly as possible. That would allow you to truly reap the advantages of this particular fitness move.

Directions for Superman:

Lie face down and on your stomach. Make sure that your legs and arms are fully extended.

Keep your neck neutral and push your body’s back along with your core to raise your legs and arms simultaneously off the level of the ground. Try to raise your arms and legs as high they can possibly go.

When at the top, briefly pause for about a second. After that, lower back slowly to the position from where you started.

Bird Dog

Bird dog is a complete body move that needs stability and balance. This fitness move is quite easy to scale as per your ability levels. You can begin with the following version if you are just starting out.

Directions for Bird Dog:

The first step of Bird Dog is to get down on all your fours. That ensures that your hands are under your shoulders directly and your knees are under your hips.

Then while you keep your neck neutral, stretch your right leg and left arm simultaneously, while you keep your hips squarely to the floor’s surface. Here, pause for about 2 seconds.

Revert to the beginning position. Then repeat movement with your left leg and right arm

Hollow hold to jackknife

The hollow hold to jackknife is an advanced fitness move which according to Ido Fishman, you are better off trying after you have mastered the above beginner and intermediate moves. In this particular fitness move, you are required to contract your chest abs for the entire duration of the move.

Directions for hollow hold to jackknife:

Assume hollow hold position. What that entails is that you lie flat on your back and stretch out both of your arms over your head. Make use of your core, raise your upper body and legs off the level of the ground. Then hold them in that position.

Include a jackknife. You will do this by crunching up, pulling both your arms overhead towards your toenails and your legs towards your body’s center.

The final step is to release back to jackknife position very slowly and then repeat.

Bear in mind that hollow hold to jackknife is not an easy fitness move to master and will take time and a lot of practice to master. One thing is for certain though- it is an extremely effective fitness exercise that exercise therapists recommend a lot.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that mastering all of the aforementioned exercise routines will take time so you have to patient. The best approach would be to begin with the Beginner moves and then move to advanced.

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