Best Managed Services Companies for 2021

Feb 3, 2021 1:45 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 3, 2021  8:45 AM ET

A managed IT service provider is an integral resource for any business or company since IT has made its way into business operations. They offer IT support and ensure that the IT infrastructure of the company runs smoothly. From the installation and setup of IT to the evaluation, maintenance and even upgradation – all these responsibilities are taken care of by the managed services companies.

There are a handful of companies offering such services. But since business IT support services are a huge responsibility, companies have to be certain that they pick the best service provider to take over this role. To help you in this regard, we have compiled a list of the top eight managed IT service providers that enjoy a positive reputation in the market, have ample experience and are the best professionals to provide IT services 2021.

Best Managed Service Providers:

1. BairesDev:

BairesDev is a managed service provider that caters to businesses of all sizes and domains. They have worked with startups as well as enterprise scale businesses and giants like Motorola, Pinterest and Rolls Royce etc. They provide a wide range of IT services including cybersecurity services, AI, mobile app development, software development as well as testing and operational support. They have an expert team of developers who are the pioneers of their fields which makes them one of the best managed IT service providers in the market.

2. AllSafe IT:

AllSafe IT is not a new name when it comes to small businesses IT services companies. They have put together a team of certified and experienced professionals so that they can offer the best managed IT services for their clients. They come up with smart IT based solutions for their client’s businesses. They have an experience of more than two decades which makes them one of the best options for any company that is looking for a managed service provider.

3. Bluewolf:

Bluewolf is a company that is owned and operated by IBM. This itself is enough for one to determine the credibility of their services. They have worked with a handful of companies and businesses providing a range of different products and services. The main target of Bluewolf is to streamline processes to enhance the productivity of the employees so that the tasks can be completed and the targets can be achieved in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

4. eMazzanti Technologies:

Based in New Jersey, eMazzanti Technologies is a managed service provider that specializes in managed IT as well as IT consulting services. They work with not only businesses but also with startups and non-profit organizations. From multi-site implementation to remote monitoring and even tech support, you can count on them for a wide range of services. A prominent aspect of eMazzanti Technologies is the fact that they have been the Microsoft Gold Partner of the year not once or twice but four times.

5. Framework IT:

If you are looking for a market leader managed IT service provider that can devise an efficient IT strategy and ensure complete implementation, Framework IT should be your go-to choice. They work very closely with their clients so that they can come up with a customized solution that is exactly as per the needs of the business. This way, the client can be sure that the strategy is a perfect match for the needs of their business. Other than managed IT and employee training, they can also offer cybersecurity services for your business.

6. QA Consulting:

As indicated by the name itself, QA consulting is a managed service provider that specializes in software testing. They have put together a team of dedicated testers that offers software and application testing services for their clients. Their services lead to a thorough audit of the software or application and as a result, the risk of any vulnerability or loophole can be eliminated. They deploy a wide range of software and application testing techniques to come up with solid and reliable results backed by data. After performing the tests, they evaluate the application or software and come up with plans through which the vulnerabilities and the gaps can be covered up.


Realnets is a managed service provider based in Chicago. They have founded their company on the foundation of building long lasting relationships with their clients. The best thing about their managed IT services is the fact that they are available around the clock so their clients can reach out to them whenever they have to. They offer a comprehensive set of managed IT services that includes cloud computing, IT auditing, IT strategy development and SI consultation. Although they work with all types of businesses, they have extensive experience working for healthcare based businesses and companies.

8. Sirius Computer Solutions:

Sirius Computer Solutions is a managed IT service provider who targets businesses and companies. They have been in the industry since the last 40 years and have a diverse team that comprises nearly 2600 employees, each of which is an expert and experienced professional. They work with businesses from all backgrounds but companies offering services related to the education sector, financial sector and government. Their target is to come up with IT solutions that enhance the efficiency of work while minimizing the costs as much as possible. Thus they help businesses succeed by leaps and bounds while utilizing IT resources in the best manner.