Best Online Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

Nov 6, 2020 2:20 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 6, 20209:20 AM ET

What is the best thing about PC is that your 5yar old gaming PC can even play games of this generation and if you are lucky enough to have a beat of a PC then you will be able o play any modern demanding PC AAA title at maximum setting. To enjoy a better multiplayer you can opt for servers that can be yours at a fraction of a price or take advantage of Bluehost coupons for affordable hosting experience. However, if your PC isn’t good enough or you just want some regular games that can run on your PC then you can try the following games.

Frog Fractions

At first glance, you may find this game unremarkable and dumb. However, when you dive a little deeper, the game will offer hilarious moments and crazy game play that will enhance your gaming experience. To learn about the whole story just increase the volume. This title became so popular among the players that the developers came with a sequel for its fans and it wasn’t a free game. The name of the sequel was the Glittermitten Grove.


If you are an avid golf fan then this game should be on your must-play list. The game comes with the mini yards, lily pads, and sheep herds. This game is designed like a puzzle box so once you completed a hole, the game change into some completely new level with a different design. This will keep you engaged in the game for longer.

Game of Bombs

If you have play station and multiplayer is your choice then you must be thinking about bomb man game as numerous websites posted as the hot favorite game for the console. But, if you are looking for another experience similar to this then you must check the game of bombs. What makes this game good is that you just need a browser and you are done, as you will need to visit the website of the game of bombs and hit the play button. This game has a dedicated fan base that will be playing with you around the world. This would a worthy experience.


This is one of the funniest and quirkiest games by Amanita Design that you must give it a go. This game is so good in its genre that there is a 3rd installment in the franchise released on 24th March and I would recommend you play its first part as well which were released in 2003. If you enjoyed playing this game then the Shy Dwarf, Botanicula, and Machinarium are some similar titles that you must try.

Die 2 Nite

This is a text-based multiplayer game that has jokes and because of the game play, it should be on your list. The servers are strong so you will never have to face any connectivity issues and when you start the game you will be greeted with the funny quirky message. I assure you that this game is very engaging and you will enjoy this.