Best Writing Tools for Students in 2020

Jul 20, 2020 7:30 AM ET

Being a student in 2020 means being able to write good and write a lot. Indeed, the more the world of education moves in the direction of progress, the more students have to write in order to keep with the pace of educational tendencies. However, as the old and famous song goes “you are not alone”, the best writing tools for students are there with you. Nowadays, the abundance of the scribing tools to be used by the students has reached the climax point having turned the process of writing into pure joy. This article will tell you everything about the best writing tools for students in 2020.


Nowadays, there is, probably, no student in the world who would have not heard about Grammarly. This tool has been jointly recognized as the best online corrector for three years in a row already. Having started their incentive as simple online mistakes checker, two Ukrainian IT-heads, have decided to grow bigger and have eventually reached the point of creating a splendid word-processing tool that is nowadays used even by the best linguists and philologist or writers.

MS Word

To begin with, you have to actually start composing your words somewhere. Microsoft Word is the world’s most popular platform for creating your linguistic masterpieces. It has all the features that you might only need to have in order to proceed with the creation of wonderful and splendid texts. Meanwhile, if you still feel afraid to try yourself at creating texts without any proper guidance on the side, try contacting, a professional online writing service. Their writers will always help you with an example of, an essay that you will use in the future in order to create splendid texts.

Google Docs

Living in today’s hectic fast-paced world, it might often happen that a person might have to time to send endless emails or messages with the file that needs editing being attached to it. This is why Google has come up with its brilliant product for the writers called Google Docs. Nowadays, everybody knows about this online platform for writers that makes it possible for a couple of writers to work on a single document at the same time.

There is, probably, no better platform for writers than Google Docs when it comes to working on a group project. Indeed, it saves a lot of time, as there is no more need for constant meetings and discussion, as everything can be done in the comments section. If you fancy reading more about some more writing tools for students that will be a hit in 2020, you should definitely read this article.


It might often happen that students need to make a quick and short note about something. For example, you are sitting in the class and here the professor mentions some important detail that is not in the books, but will be mentioned when the time for the test comes. Evernote might be exactly what you need at this moment, as it is quick to launch, easy to type, and swift to save. This is a writing platform that all the students need for the sake of keeping in touch with the latest “trends” of the class.

Focus Writer

Before you read the description of this writing tool, may you first answer a short but extremely important question: how often do you get distracted when it comes to writing? Do not bother yourself to answer, the answer is already disclosed. Everyone would say “a lot”. Living in a world that is full of social media, streaming services, video hosts, etc., it is impossible to stay one hundred percent focused.

How many sleepless nights have you had because of your inability to focus on a ten-pager that you had to write in four days? The answer, once again, is a lot. As you might have already guessed, Focus Writer is a writing platform that keeps you focused on your main writing task. Want to know how it happens? Just try it, as there is no way to describe it. If you want to read some more about the best writing tools of 2020, this article is already waiting for you.


Nowadays, there is a need to understand that writing was, is, and will be an integral part of any educational process. The more science progresses, the more the professors want their students to write about everything that happens in this world. Therefore, using the best writing tools in 2020 might be a wonderful decision if you are a student.


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