Bethesda Maryland development project gets approved after several steps with the county government

Mar 10, 2020 6:05 PM ET

Real estate developers often have to deal with a complex process of applications, local government meetings, and environmental regulations to get approval for a project. Due to the possibility of unforeseen issues or mistakes during this process, it is recommended to get assistance from a local attorney who focuses on real estate law.

The Montgomery County Planning Board recently allowed an ambitious real estate project to begin that will reshape part of the downtown area in Bethesda.


Large downtown apartment and retail building gets final government approval

The company heading the project required several rounds of approval before they would be allowed to build a new complex on seven tenths of an acre of land on St. Elmo Ave, near the Fairmont Ave Intersection. They needed to update their plans and re-present them to Montgomery County several times during this process.

The final approval documentation for the project said that the St. Elmo project will include 280 apartment units and approximately 6000 square feet reserved for ground floor retail space. About 42 units will also need to be listed as affordable housing out of the 22 story structure. This is done for compliance with county guidelines. A four level underground parking garage is estimated to provide over 200 parking spots for residents or commercial use.

The location for the development project is now occupied by two small buildings that had been built in the 1950s and 1960s. They are both scheduled to be demolished, and other similar structures in the area have recently been brought down as well.

During the planning board meeting where the final approval was scheduled, no local residents spoke out either in favor or against the project. No other information was given about objections due to environmental laws, zoning, or other restrictions. 


Reasons to retain legal representation

Real estate owners not only have to deal with the local government when planning a project, but they will also need continued advice for issues such as leasing to tenants, filing insurance claims, and property use. It is important for owners and developers to stay within the bounds of the law, otherwise they can face fines or other financial losses related to improperly drafted contracts and leases. 

Because each transaction is different, it is imperative to have any relevant documentation reviewed to make sure all legal issues are addressed properly. A property judge may not give a document its full legal effect if mistakes are present.


Speak with local attorneys about real estate issues

There are attorneys who assist clients in the Bethesda area and surrounding parts of Maryland with real estate issues. These may be related to a diverse number of topics, such as foreclosure and commercial development. Get in touch with The Law Offices of Michael E. Gross for more information.

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