Betway, Helping Its Communities Across Africa During COVID-19 Fight

Jul 27, 2020 7:45 PM ET

The coronavirus pandemic has led to lockdowns and restrictions around the world. These measures taken by governments to curb the spread of the virus have affected economic activities. As a result, Betway has started initiatives helping communities across Africa to cushion them from the effects of the pandemic. Many people have been left to depend on well-wishers, especially in developing economies.

Among the activities by the company include a food donation in Uganda. It donated 300kgs of rice to sports journalists in Uganda under the Uganda Sports Press Association. 

Through a statement by its country manager Adellah Agaba Nyahuruma, Betway reiterated their commitment to ensuring that the communities they operate in are safe with access to necessities. 

The donation was part of the 3.3 tonnes of rice that the company contributed to the Ugandan Covid-19 Task Force. The sports sponsor has also reached out to the teams it sponsors in the country to ensure that they have basic needs in these tough times. 

The online betting company is also helping cushion the people of South Africa through Betway SA. The company donated R2-million to be distributed through local charity organizations. 

A Jewish charity organization called Afrika Tikkun which has many projects in South Africa is one of the beneficiaries of the funds. The pandemic has halted all sporting activities and other economic activities in the country. 

Through an initiative dubbed ‘The Betway Cares Initiative,’ the company has also done some relief work in Kenya. Vulnerable communities have received care packages to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the people. 

Like in the other cases, they reach out to the communities through local organizations that understand the geography and demographics better. The organizations distribute foodstuffs and personal protective equipment door-to-door. Priority is given to the most vulnerable in the community. 

In Ghana, the betting company delivered a cheque of 500,000 GHC to the country’s COVID-19 Trust Fund. The company operates in Ghana as Sports Betting Group Ghana Limited. At the time of the presentation of the cheque, the country was on lockdown. 

The money donated went a long way in helping the task force reach out to the most vulnerable in the community. Apart from monetary support, the company is also using its social media accounts to sensitize the followers on how to stay safe during this pandemic. Betway is the official sponsor of several football clubs in Ghana. 

Those are just but a few examples of the work that Betway, an online betting company, is doing in Africa. As the world unites to fight this pandemic and its effects, the company has also joined hands to help the people. 

The company is mainly lending a hand to communities in which they are allowed to operate. They ensure they follow up on the players of the teams they sponsor to ensure they are well supported. 

It is now upon the people being supported to complement this kind gesture by staying safe. Wash hands, keep social distance and wear your mask in public places.      


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