Boca Raton, Who Do I Report My Car Accident To?

Feb 26, 2020 8:05 PM ET

Paying for the damages caused by an accident can get expensive and that is why all motorists who have a registered vehicle are required to carry driver’s insurance in Florida. The insurance minimum is $10,000 of Personal Injury Protection and $10,000 of Property Damage Liability.

When it comes to getting compensated for the damages, every driver should be able to turn to their insurance provider to help them out because that is essentially why they are paid every month. However, after an accident, the first person to be contacted should not be the insurer.

In the event of a collision, a person should get out of their vehicle and make sure everyone is okay while also taking the time to inspect the damage. The local police department and the Florida Highway Patrol should be contacted if any injuries or serious damage occurred. If a person got into an accident on a busy street, they must make sure to move their vehicle out of the way until they are no longer blocking the road. If it is impossible to move one’s vehicle due to the damage done or because of one’s injuries, help should be requested as soon as possible. The longer a person is stuck in the middle of the road, the greater the chances of another vehicle getting caught in the accident and complicating matters even further.


How can I prove the accident was not my fault?

In order to prove that the accident was not a person’s fault, a person needs to be able to prove the negligent behavior of the other driver. This is generally determined by viewing the damage on both vehicles and who was hurt more. Florida follows comparative negligence law so a person will be liable based on how much of the accident is determined to be their fault.

 An attorney can help a person conduct a thorough investigation into the accident so they can collect the documents, photos,  and testimonies they need to prove the other driver behaved recklessly and to prove that the driver’s losses are serious and need to be compensated for.

When it comes to car accidents, many drivers believe that getting a police report is more than enough evidence to explain what happened at the site of the collision. However, this is not the case. Police reports are meant to document the accident and are not meant to be used as evidence in the case of a court trial. It does help to have a police report as an additional piece of evidence but relying on them solely to bring around a positive verdict is not a wise idea.

If a person wants to get compensated properly for their losses they should not hesitate in contacting an accident attorney in Boca Raton, Florida. An accident attorney can assist a person in gathering evidence and witnesses to prove the claims of the driver are true and the accident truly was not their fault.

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