Brad Pyatt Talks About Health-Conscious Food Branding

May 21, 2021 4:10 PM ET

Brad Pyatt Talks About Health-Conscious Food Branding

Interested in health food branding? Business expert and TRU Brands Inc. CEO Brad Pyatt offers some insights.

Health foods have become all the rage in recent years. Fortunately, health-conscious consumers have more choices than ever before. That said, when it comes to health-conscious foods, branding can be especially tricky. TRU Brands Inc. founder Brad Pyatt is going to share some insights.

“First thing’s first,” Brad Pyatt says, “you need to offer food that is actually healthy. Sometimes, I read the ingredient list on breakfast bars or cereal and they’re loaded with sugars, processed carbs, and other things. They’re more candy bars than health bars, and that’s not good for consumers.”

It’s easy to make food taste good if you simply toss in a lot of sugar, salt, and other ingredients that are bad for health. Fortunately, more food makers are figuring out ways to make foods that both taste good and are also healthy.

When it comes to health-conscious branding, it’s best to start with a healthy foundation. Health foods need to be nutritious and easy on the calories, carbs, and all the rest. If a brand can develop genuinely healthy foods that taste great, the products often sell themselves.

“Word of mouth is important for health food brands,” TRU Brand inc CEO Brad Pyatt notes. “If your food tastes great and is healthy, health gurus, dietitians, and others will start to recommend your food. Over time, your products will sell themselves.”

The reverse is also true, however. If your “health food” really isn’t all that healthy, people will figure that out. If dietitians and other nutrition experts point out how unhealthy a food is, customers will turn away from these products. Word-of-mouth is a two-edged sword, so it’s best to make sure you’re on the right side of nutrition and health.

TRU Brands Inc CEO Brad Pyatt Discusses How Healthy Foods Are Part of a Journey

People go on diets and adopt healthy habits, like jogging because they typically want to improve their health. This might mean losing weight, reducing blood pressure, or strengthening muscles and joints. Health brands need to figure out where they fit in during the customer’s journey to good health.

“Great health brands can help people achieve their goals,” Brad Pyatt argues. “Whether that means losing weight or increasing your speed while jogging or whatever else, it’s important to help people achieve their aspirations. At TRU Brands Inc, we focus on helping people get to where they want to go.”

With healthy foods, losing weight is perhaps the most obvious goal. However, there may be other important aspects of the customer’s journey to good health. For example, the right breakfast bars may help people maintain energy throughout the day, which could increase productivity at work, or lead to a better workout at the gym.

When it comes to health branding, it’s vital to step back and to holistically analyze what the customer is trying to accomplish and how you can help them get there.

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