Brandon Anderson Earns Florida Medical Gas Certification

Jul 7, 2020 7:50 PM ET

Brandon Anderson is excited to announce the recent securement of his Florida medical gas license. By achieving this goal, the Sarasota resident can continue to serve facilities located in counties around the Sunshine State. Medical gas certifications are notoriously challenging to earn, and Brandon Anderson plans to expand his company’s goal of installing medical gas systems in Florida hospitals and other medical facilities.

Brandon Anderson’s Medical Gas Licensing Background
Medical gas installers must go through a rigorous training course to qualify for certification in Florida. Only approved training agencies can provide the course material for the medical gas certification examination. Medical gas licensing requirements cover the installation, repair, and maintenance of any equipment used to transport gases for medical purposes. Educational programs for medical gas licensing go through an annual review to confirm that teaching materials are up to date. Content within the medical gas learning program must abide by the regulations of the National Fire Prevention Association Standard 99C. On any medical gas installation job site, a certified individual must be present. To keep up with the renewal requirements for his medical gas license, Brandon Anderson enrolls in continuing education courses to remain on top of current installation news and trends.

Importance of Medical Gas Licensing in Florida
In 2000, Florida passed a state law requiring the certification of all medical gas installers. During training, Brandon Anderson learned extensively about the correct way to install, repair, and maintain the life-saving medical gas systems. Significantly, his training covered the special brazing requirements associated with medical gas vacuums and tubing. During the certification examination, a licensed medical gas educator administers a brazing practical exam. To pass the licensing requirements, the prospective installer must braze vertical and horizontal full-penetration joints on 1-1/2″ tubing. Once achieving certification, the installer may work on medical gas systems alone or as a supervisor of plumbing professionals.

To maintain medical gas certifications in Florida, installers must provide proof of brazing performance bi-annually. Along with installer courses in the field of medical gas, Florida residents can choose to pursue certifications in medical gas maintenance and medical gas inspections.

Brandon Anderson Background
As a lifelong Sarasota, Florida resident, Brandon Anderson has looked for ways to make his community a better place. Installing medical gas systems is one way he’s helping out the Sarasota community. Charity is vital to Brandon Anderson, and he’s played in numerous golf tournaments to benefit local causes.

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