Brian O’Connell Discusses the Importance of Estate Planning

Mar 1, 2021 10:00 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 1, 2021  5:00 PM ET

With decades of experience under his belt, Brian O’Connell Trust Trial Lawyer West Palm Beach is stressing the importance of estate planning and the fact that everyone has an estate, even if they think they do not.

Brian O’Connell said that a $70,000 home, an older model vehicle, and a bank account with only a few hundred dollars in it is an estate as much as one that sports a $10 million home, several expensive vehicles, and tons of money in the bank.

Brian O’Connell trust lawyer in West Palm Beach stresses that every person in American, no matter what their finances look like, needs to have an estate plan in place. Brian O’Connell said this will help your loved ones after you pass away because it is your legacy.

Brian O’Connell trust lawyer Palm Beach explains that estate planning allows you to establish who receives your assets, including your money and possessions after you die.

Brian O’Connell says that an estate plan includes any real estate property that you own, including your house, vacation homes, and any properties you rent out to others. Brian O’Connell stresses that you should also include all bank accounts and cash that you have, stocks and bonds, insurance policies, and personal possessions, including vehicles, collectibles, and furniture.

Brian O’Connell, who founded the law firm of O’Connell & Crispin Ackal, PLLC, in Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, with his long-time friend and colleague, Ashley Crispin Ackal, said that your estate plan is the legacy that you leave behind when you pass away. Brian O’Connell said it needs to include the life instructions, gifts, and assets that you want to leave to loved ones, including your children and grandchildren.

Brian O’Connell wants to remind others that your estate plan can help you prepare for late-in-life financial issues as well as medical issues you may face. Brian O’Connell said that an estate plan includes directions for your family members as to whether or not you want to be put on life support if needed. Brian O’Connell said it also should include your funeral arrangements so that your loved ones will know what you wanted after you are gone and cannot make those decisions for them.

Brian O’Connell says that this type of preparation provides the people you love the most with the peace of mind they deserve. Brian O’Connell said it will allow them the time to grieve instead of scrambling to figure out what arrangements should be made and how it will be paid for and by whom. Brian O’Connell reiterates that everyone needs an estate plan, no matter their circumstances.