BrightHouse collapses after shops shut over coronavirus

Mar 30, 2020 8:06 PM ET

BrightHouse the UK’s largest rent-to-own retailer has fallen into administration and customers are told to continue to pay their monthly payments.

The retailer had been struggling and coronavirus tipped the company over the edge. Julie Palmer, from corporate recovery business Begbies Traynor said, “Coronavirus was the final nail in the coffin for BrightHouse.”

The company employs 2,400 people across 240 stores, who’s jobs are now at risk.

ebt adviser Sara Williams, who writes the Debt Camel blog said. “Customers need to think if they can manage to make the repayments.

“If their income has fallen because of coronavirus, they should ask for a payment break. And if the item is just too expensive, they should ask for a lower payment arrangement.

“They may be able to make an affordability complaint and get a refund of the interest they have paid on previous items.”

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