Bring the 70s to Life for Halloween – And have lots of fun doing it!

Oct 14, 2021 1:00 PM ET

So, you’ve been invited to a virtual costume party over Zoom or to join your family and close friends in person for a rocking Halloween celebration. But you don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We’ll show you how to use 70s outfit ideas as your style inspiration and bring the groovy Seventies zooming back to life with a full-on Boho-Chic look from head to toe.

Sourcing your Look

There are so many ways to get yourself some modern takes on 70s fashion trends and hits. Or, you can snag some genuine 1970s goodies from back in the day. The choice is yours based on your budget and desires. Beyond rocking these Seventies outfits for costume parties, you can mash up these timeless pieces with your modern-day wardrobe because, really, 70s fashion never went out of style.

Browse through popular online vintage marketplaces for a huge selection of modern spins or authentic retro one-of-kind pieces like faux leather or suede fringed jackets in classic hues of camel or chocolate. Or take a trip to your local thrift store to put together your 1970s costume at a fraction of the original price of these pieces. Or find a whole array of unique 70s dress style costumes at specialty stores.

If you are in the market for more high-end quality and products, head on over to the high street consignment stores that specialize in throwback finery and pick just one heritage item to build your outfit around.

Rocking the 70s Dress Style the Western Way

If your inspiration is Western-style Boho dressing, get yourself a flowing dress in a ditsy floral print, swirls of paisley or colourful patchwork. Then create your unique 70s outfit ideas with a layer on a long sleeveless faux suede jacket embellished with a fringed hemline for true 70s boho chic.

Pair your dress and jacket with some western boots in quintessential camel, and finish the look with a large floppy western hat.

Or Going for “Mod” Instead

If all-out Western isn’t your thing, go the other direction with a mini shift dress in a bright geometric pattern in playful hues of green, white and black. Add a pair of white go-go ankle boots with chunky heels over bare legs, then accessorise with some big bold beads around your neck and your wrist.

Amplify your 70s look with lashings of black mascara, a retro cat eye, and a pale pink lipstick for that oh so “mod” look. And don’t forget to tease your hair at the crown, flip out the ends, and layer on a black velvet headband for true 1970s style.

Disco Brights

If you really want to take your costume over the top, go for a disco look with a form-fitting mini skirt emblazoned with sequins and paired with a cropped satin halter-neck top. Or pair some retro style flared bell-bottom pants or jeans with that cropped halter-neck top and chunky platform sandals.

Then dress your face with neon eye shadow and a bright pink lip to catch the flash of the disco ball, as you party the night away. Since 70s clothes contained so many timeless and flattering trends – bohemian, mod, disco – you really have no limits on the look you choose, so go with whatever trend evokes your personal style and have fun with it!

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