Bronson Andrew Barna Recently Discussed Living Conditions for Animals in Shelters

Dec 15, 2021 8:22 PM ET

Bronson Andrew Barna recently discussed the importance of quality living conditions for animals in shelters.

Shelters offer a safe haven for animals without homes until they’re adopted. However, not all shelters provide desirable living conditions for these animals. Bronson Andrew Barna recently discussed sub-standard living conditions at many shelters, and why quality conditions are so important.


Animal shelters provide hope for dogs, cats, and other animals in need of homes. Barna took pictures of what a proper shelter should look like. The cats have plenty of room and toys to play with within their exhibit.


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Bronson Andrew Barna explained that this is certainly not the case for all animal shelters. However, action needs to be taken to ensure that animals in shelters are safe until adopted.


Barna has spent countless hours volunteering for local Bay Area organizations. He explained that he took photos of the living conditions in one facility where the area for cats was overloaded and unsanitary.


All animal shelters should provide humane living conditions for animals. The following are several steps Bronson Andrew Barna suggested taking if you know of a neglectful animal shelter near you.

Note the date you saw the neglectful practices and the location of the shelter.
Take photographs or videos of the conditions if possible.
Try to deal directly with the animal shelter staff, encouraging them to improve the conditions. Volunteer your time and energy to help if possible.
Contact the authorities overseeing the shelter operations if management refuses to make changes. You may need to call the city manager, sheriff’s department, or city council. Local authorities are the best option for handling these issues.


“The neglect that takes place at some animal shelters is considered animal abuse in many parts of the country,” Barna said. “It’s important to report it as soon as you notice issues. The neglect or even animal abuse could have been taking place for years, and it shouldn’t occur for a second longer.”


Barna explained that individuals hoping to make a difference in their local animal shelters can visit to learn about local ordinances or the Animal Legal Defense Fund website. These sites can help you better understand anti-cruelty statutes that are being violated.


“Of course, one of the best ways to make a difference is to help care for the neglected animals through volunteering your time,” Bronson Andrew Barna concluded. “You’ll be amazed by all of the benefits volunteering for these animals can bring to your life as well.”

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