Bryan Paarmann: Applying Decades Of FBI Experience To Counterterrorism

Apr 29, 2020 9:05 PM ET

New York, NY / Before he retired, Bryan Paarmann served the United States as an FBI executive for over two decades. He has several areas of specialties, which include, counterterrorism and leadership. He is now a Senior Vice President at Brosnan Risk Consultants.

Prior to his retirement, Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), held several leadership positions and one of them was the leader of the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force. His numerous achievements have earned him nationwide recognition and accolades. Despite being retired, Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), won’t rest on his oars, especially in his efforts towards counterterrorism.

One way through which Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), has been applying his experience is public speaking. He speaks to groups of people whenever the opportunity arises, on the current dynamics of the terrorism threat to the United States and thoughts on how to mitigate that threat to keep people and property safe. He recently gave two tips on how to respond to emergencies.

Emergency tips given by Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired)

1. Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), says you should be prepared for the crisis

According to Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), one of the best ways to manage a crisis situation is to be prepared for it. Being prepared means that you should already have a response plan in case it happens. Whether it is an accident or terror attack, you’ll be able to manage it better if you had anticipated it and planned for it.

Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), says it is not enough to just have a plan. You should also share it with your team or family members, depending on what the situation may be. You should all know what the plan is, and ensure everyone understands their role, and exercise and test the plan regularly. This is quite in line with logical reasoning. Emergency situations can occur when you are not around. If you had put your team members on the same page with you in that regard, they should be able to manage the situation without you.

He believes that it is important to map out an evacuation route and place it where it can be seen easily. You may also practice a drill to be able to detect the flaws in your plans or evacuation strategies. More so, it is mandatory for every workplace to have an emergency exit. In case that the absolute unthinkable happens, every member should be aware of the emergency exit and understand where logical rally points are after you have exited the building for accountability purposes.

2. Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), advises you to remain calm

If an emergency does occur, Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), advises you to try your best to be as calm as possible as you will be able to make better judgments and decisions when you are calm. He admits that this may not be easy, but you just have to train yourself towards it.

3. Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), advises that you should get to a safe place

The next tip is to try and get away from the dangerous location as quickly as possible. Ensure you and other members of your team are safe before you chart a new course of action. Remember, safety should always come first.

In addition to educating people, Bryan Paarmann FBI (retired), has also been contributing to his own awareness of the threat through constantly educating himself on the latest trends, techniques, and changes in the terrorism landscape.

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