Budget laptops with the best graphic card

Apr 19, 2021 5:56 AM ET

No matter, you are using a budget laptop or an expensive laptop, you just need a good graphics card that can run your favorite and modern games.

We are not wrong if we say that having the best graphics card can be very important for making your laptop the best and suitable for you.

We have some of the laptops which come along with the best graphics card installed in it but in some of them, we must replace them by ourselves to make the performance best.

There is no such problem with replacing the graphics card so, you can replace it any time you want to be and go for a good one.

But here we will discuss some of the under-budget laptops that have the best graphics card installed in them.

Moreover, these laptops are very affordable in price and everyone can buy them if the specifications suit them. And we also discuss some more specifications other than the graphics card

which determine the laptop is worth buying or not.

Gigabyte G5

Today, it is really hard to have the best graphics card in an affordable laptop but not in this case. Some of the laptops have the best GPU.

Same goes for the Gigabyte G5 which have the best graphics card in a very affordable price and that makes this laptop one of the best budget gaming laptop.

Not only graphics card, but we also have some more specifications that can be very important to consider while buying a gaming laptop and we are going to discuss some of the main specifications.

Graphics card:

Starting with the one which differentiates between a simple laptop and a gaming laptop. Graphics card is a must specification that a laptop has.

In Gigabyte, we found Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 which is a quite good option and it is something new for your laptop.

It is capable of running all the heavy and modern games and that’s something amazing about this graphics card.


After the graphics card, we need a strong processor to run the heavy games. You can play some light games on a simple laptop but for playing heavy games, you need a good processor.

We have Intel Core i5-10500H installed in this laptop which is also capable of running modern games and give the complete joy of your gaming.

RAM & Storage

RAM and storage are very important for a laptop. We must use good RAM for playing heavy games and the same goes for the storage.

This laptop comes along with the best RAM of 16GB which is quite best for a gaming laptop and it is very rare in a budget laptop.

When we consider storage, we have the option of 512GB SSD which is something amazing for a gaming laptop.

Dell G3 15

We highly recommend if you want durability then you must go for Dell and not the only durability, you can expect some more specifications that are good for a laptop.

We can say that Dell is a master of making gaming laptops and the most important thing is they always focus on the price too.

Here we are going to discuss some of the specifications that Dell G3 15 has and these are the positive points of buying this gaming laptop.

Graphics card:

As we discussed above, the graphics card is the main thing that a gaming laptop must have so, that’s why we are discussing it for the very first.

We have Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti and we always mention that Nvidia cards are the best option when we talk about gaming laptops and when we consider an under-budget laptop.


If we don’t have a good CPU in a gaming laptop then this laptop can be used for light gaming only but you cannot play heavy games on it.

That’s why we must need a good processor for a gaming laptop no matter, we are using an expensive laptop or a budget laptop, a good processor is much needed.

This laptop has Intel Core i5-10300H and it is not wrong if we say that intel processors are the most common and the most reliable processor for a gaming laptop.

RAM & Storage:

For making the laptop performance best, we need some specifications that must be installed in a laptop and RAM is one of them

We have 16GB DDR4 RAM installed on this laptop which is quite suitable for heavy games also. And for official tasks, we still need good RAM.

Storage is also something which is very important and must be considered so, this laptop comes along with the SSD of 512GB which is quite spacious and faster.

Wrap up

Having a budget laptop is not something awkward but having a laptop that has zero performance is quite embarrassing.

So, whenever you are going to buy a laptop, you just need to focus on the performance and no matter, whether the laptop is cheap or expensive.

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