Bus Crash in Florida Leaves 10 People Injured

Mar 14, 2020 11:05 PM ET

More than 15 passengers had to be taken to the hospital after a bus crash in Downtown Jacksonville on the afternoon of February 26th, 2020. Their commute was cut short because of the accident with a van that was about to enter the Ritz Theatre.

JTA Bus Crashed into a Van

The van was carrying passengers from Daytona when it crashed into the JTA bus. The accident resulted in the shutting down of the intersection of Davis and Union Streets which is next to the Ritz Theatre.

A total of 15 people had to be taken to the hospital after the van and the bus got into a collision. First responders reported that while nobody was seriously hurt, the injured passengers were rushed to the nearest hospital.

Ritz Theatre a Hotspot for Accidents

The museum administrator at Ritz Theatre, Adonnica Toler, stated that she has seen an increasing number of accidents in the area. There have been other accidents on the corner before, some resulting in fatalities.

Toler explained that the van passengers were scheduled to get a tour from her before they met with the crash. As per reports by a JTA spokesperson, the van and bus were moving east on Union Street when the van made a wrongful turn in front of the bus.

Accidents are very common where cars have been stuck between two poles, which is the reason why Toler was not surprised to see an emergency crew on scene. She told News4JAX that in the past they have had to replace their façade glass multiple times because of building damage.

Three passengers and the driver told Action News Jax Reporter Jamarlo Phillips that they were planning to reach out to a passenger bus accident attorney.

Determination of Fault is Vital

An initial investigation is conducted by the insurance company as well as police authorities after any kind of bus accident. It is possible that the bus company may also carry out their own investigation. It lies on the plaintiff to determine the fault factors in a bus accident and to file a suitable claim.

Claims against the Government

Claims for compensation against the government must include:

The concerned body
The place, time, and circumstances behind the claim
Name of the person filing the claim with their address

A claim can be rejected if any of these statements are not included. On top of this, the State of Florida has multiple jurisdictions with each one following their own Statute of Limitations where bus accidents are concerned. Plaintiffs and their passenger bus accident lawyer need to be aware of these deadlines.


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