Buying Your First eScooter in Ireland

Nov 25, 2020 3:43 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 25, 2020  10:43 AM ET

Below are some factors from Green Electric Scooters you need to put into consideration when picking your first eScooter.

  1. Weight of the Scooter

What is the primary use for your eScooter? If you have stairs at your workplace, you might be forced to carry your scooter up and down the stairs.

If you are going to use an eScooter to travel to work and you have to climb flights of stairs and you need to travel a few miles, then it is a good idea to choose something light.

If you plan on traveling for a long distance with the eScooter, you should choose something that has more power, although it is going to mean more weight.

Look at the different options before choosing one you think will work best for you. There is a wide range of options, which means you are going to find the right eScooter.

  1. Wheel Size

You need to check out the route you are going to be regularly using. Is the route well-paced and smooth? Is it bumpy and full of potholes? Is there sand or gravel? Grass?

If the route is bumpy with potholes, you should choose a scooter with larger wheels because they are more comfortable and safer to ride. Large wheels are good when it comes to surfaces that are loose, e.g. gravel and sand. Small tires will be fine for smooth surfaces and grass.

  1. Tire types

There are different types of tires electric scooters can come with. There are pneumatic tires that are filled with air and solid wheel made of rubber. There are two types of pneumatic tires: tubeless, like car tires; and inner tube, like bicycle tires.

The advantage of a solid rubber wheel is it puncture-proof. If you are more likely to come across three-corner jacks, broken glass, prickles, or anything that can puncture a tire, then a rubber wheel is going to be the best option.

You should not go with solid tires if you are not riding in areas with such hazards. If you have pushed a shopping trolly across a car park or ridden an old-fashioned carriage, then you know how rattly it gets. This is why many people choose air tires.

Tires filled with air are more comfortable to ride. This is because the air in the tires acts as a cushion. You need to choose air tires when possible because it is going to make a lot of difference.

The type of pneumatic tire you choose is up to you. The best value option are the ones with an inner type, and it is the most common in electric scooters. Tubeless tires are the most comfortable, but they are usually expensive and can be found in top models.

  1. Motor power

If you are going to ride your scooter up a steep slope, then you are going to need at least 400W to climb it. If the area is really steep, then you will have to use your foot to push off the scooter. If you don’t want to do this, then consider buying a scooter that has 600W or more. The more the power, the easier it will be to go uphill without losing acceleration or speed.

You need to remember the power and wheel size have to match, although it is not something you need to worry about. Small wheels and high power is going to cause a lot of skidding. This is why powerful scooters have large tires.

  1. Value

The prices of eScooters range from $250 to $4000. But you should not focus too much on the price, look at the value. If you are going to use your scooter in place of a car, then you will be saving a lot of money on petrol and parking.

You should calculate your monthly transport expenses, then multiply it by the months of the year. Now multiply it with a couple of years so you can find out whether the electric scooter is going to pay for itself. If your parking costs $10 a day, you are going to save over $2400 every year.

This logic should also be used when choosing a model. Go with a reliable model and brand that is powerful enough for your needs, and comfortable so you can enjoy riding it. You need to have fun when riding your scooter because it is part of the value too.