Buying YouTube Views for New YouTubers

Jan 12, 2021 11:37 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 12, 2021  6:37 AM ET

YouTube is one of the hardest social media landscapes to transverse. This is especially true for new-comers. They do not yet have a backing of a dedicated audience to help with their view count. To get an audience a YouTuber needs their content to be seen. This can be hard to achieve in the sea of other videos populating the site. For people to watch new content it would have to conquer the algorithm which is not a small task. However, doing so can help get the content trending. This can help it get real views from potential subscribers that want to see more. That is why people that are starting on the platform would opt to buy youtube views.

In the long run, opting to buy views can help gain an audience since people will see that the content exists. Plus, some people will watch it if they see it has a high view count out of curiosity. This will add a natural increase in views and it may even lead to some of these curious people to become subscribers. One can think of it as an investment in advertising, and therefore, can budget accordingly. However, if one can go the route of the slow and steady and letting their view and subscriber count grow organically this can also work and could even be better in the long run. There can be a sense of accomplishment as one can watch their numbers slowly climb up. But not everyone has the option to take it slow.

The latter can be true in the case of businesses and companies that have a limited time frame to reach their target marketing through YouTube. The idea can be to create high-quality content, use this as a means to market their services or products and reap the profit. However, if it is not seen then the steps cannot go further. Hence, the desire to buy views. Buying views can surpass the YouTube algorithm meaning that the videos can “go viral” or at least end up trending. This can reach a wider audience where some can become either consumers or subscribers.

Outside of surpassing the algorithm and getting to the target audience, one can also see a sense of increased motivation. This can lead them to work better, hard, and improve their content. The theory could be that when someone buys views they have a sense that these brought views will help gain them real views. This in turn and gives them the motivation to keep going, especially if they do not have a company or fan-base behind them.

There are several packages with a certain number of views that can fit into one’s budget. They can range from 3 USD to 2800 USD for 500 views to 1 million views. Plus, the views do non-drop and some packages from 100K views and up (400 USD) are said to give real ads. One can use the views on the most current upload or a video that is lacking in views.