Buzz B Gone Reviews – Does BuzzBGone Zapper and Mosquito Trap Really Work

Jul 21, 2020 7:30 PM ET

Buzz B Gone zapper is an innovative device that has been developed to trap and kill bugs. You can use this high-end technology indoors as well as outdoors. It uses ultraviolet light and a 360-degree rotating fan for doing its job.

Since it does not make use of any harmful fumes or any unpleasant smells, you don’t have to worry about it causing any health troubles for your children or pets. The cylindrical design of BuzzBGone zapper makes it a modern item that you wouldn’t hesitate in placing at the center table of your lounge or personal room.

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Buzz B Gone Review

They say the smaller the animal, the more trouble it can cause. Take the mouse and elephant example here. Although large, the elephant can’t see the mouse that keeps annoying it. Mosquitoes are like that for humans. It can be very tough to clap one out of existence while it is very easy for the little bug to keep sucking on your blood and make you itch on a good day.

Mosquito bites may seem innocent, but they can also cause diseases such as the zika and malaria viruses. What’s worse is that they ruin your appearance and make you appear like a fool scratching his body when out in public. Unfortunately, mosquito bites also go away as quickly as they appear. For those who have small children at home, mosquitoes are in even bigger tension for them.

Buzz B Gone is one product that you can use for zapping the mosquitoes out of your life. This device traps the pesky beings, dehydrates, and kills them. Mosquitoes get caught in this rotating fan after being attracted to its ultraviolet light. If you think about it, the device is pretty genius as it does not make use of any chemicals for killing the bugs.

You can use this device indoors as well as outdoors. This means that you don’t have to cancel your picnic plans only because you fear the bugs out in the night. Neither do you have to worry about your pet pooch getting all irritable because of a bug bite. The device doesn’t only attract and trap mosquitoes, but it can also kill other types of bugs. All you have to do is attach it to a power source for it to get working.

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What Makes Buzz B Gone Better Than Other Mosquito Zappers?

There are several mosquito traps out there. You could use a coil, but it often gives out an awful smell that can interfere with your breathing. You can also use those small mosquito repelling devices. Unfortunately, those can often only be used indoors, and they are also not as effective as you would want them to be.

There are insect killing sprays as well which you can use for eradicating mosquitoes from your house. Now those would require you to spray the rooms and lock them without letting anyone in. This is because of the fumes that the chemicals contained in the spray give out. These fumes are not only difficult on your lungs, but they can also be poisonous for children and pets.

Buzz B Gone mosquito trap device is a way better alternative that all the aforementioned methods of killing mosquitoes. This is because it can be used both indoors and outdoors and that too, without causing any negative side effects. It is powerful enough to effectively kill most of the bugs that come in its way and the bugs that it does not kill, it traps and dehydrates them so that they’re not able to buzz in your ears or bite you.

Also read Buzz B Gone customer reviews and testimonials. Is it legit and worth buying? Find out more here before buying!

How Does Buzz B Gone Work?

Buzz B Gone insect zapper works by means of employing some innovative steps and components. Here’s a clear look at how this device works so that you can know whether or not it is worth your investment:

1. As part of the first step, the device attracts mosquitoes by means of UV light.

2. The mosquitoes that are attracted to it get trapped in the 360-degree rotating fan. Most of the mosquitoes are killed at this point, and those that are not killed are trapped in the next step.

3. Mosquitoes that are not killed are collected in the basket where the dead bodies of other mosquitoes are also stored. This basket is detachable so that you can clean it every now and then.

4. Inside the basket, there is a dehydrator that kills the mosquitoes that have been trapped in it but are not dead yet. For mosquitoes, water is the basic source of survival. Since a dehydrator is attached, they are deprived of its supply which leads to their ultimate death.

To use Buzz B-Gone zapper, you only have to attach the cable in a power bank or another power source depending on whether you’re indoors or outdoors. The buttons are self-explanatory, and the device overall is easy to use. Since it is portable you have no reason to worry about having a different device for when you’re going out and when you’re going to be staying indoors.

Amazing Features Of BuzzBGone

Now let’s quickly run you through the defining characteristics of the BuzzBGone insect zapper. Here goes:


One feature that wins major points for this device over other alternatives is that it can be used safely for both your pets and children. This is because it does not emit out any fumes or unpleasant smells that can cause any disturbance in your health or well-being.


This insect zapper is also worthwhile because of its portable design. You do not have to attach it to a single source and let it stay over there. In fact, you can move it from one room to another and even from indoors to outdoors and vice versa.


The modern and sleek design of Buzz B Gone mosquito device wins it some brownie points too. The cylindrical device comes in black color and can be placed in your modern house without you feeling embarrassed. That is how great it looks as it does not have an old-fashioned design or a cheap plastic casing.


The device does its job of killing and trapping mosquitoes efficiently. The best part is that it is not only a mosquito repellent and killer, but it can also get rid of other bugs in your surroundings. This allows you to enjoy picnic nights without any concerns.

Positive Buzz B Gone Customer Reviews

You can be sure about the efficiency of the product and its innovative use by checking out its customer reviews. The customer reviews given on the website are proof that this product works effectively to get rid of mosquitoes in your surroundings. Hence, you can rely on this product too.

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Buzz B Gone Pricing and Where to Buy?

You can purchase one of the four packages of this device available. If you live alone, a single Buzz B Gone mosquito device should suffice for you. However, for a big family, you might have to buy more than one device to place in each room. Either way it’s up to you. Below is a look at the pricing structure:

You can purchase one device for $39.99
2 devices are available in a discounted deal of $79.98
3 devices are available in an even more discounted deal of $89.98
There’s yet another discounted deal that brings four of these devices for $109.97

Shipping charges are applicable on the purchase of all the packages. Payment modes are safe and secure. You can place the order on the official website of the device. A money back guarantee backs your purchase as well.

Buzz B Gone Reviews – Final Verdict

Buzz B Gone seems to be a promising product for killing mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can cause quite a disturbance in your life despite their small size. Not only do they keep insistently buzzing in your ears, revisiting despite you waving them away several times, but they can also bite you and cause itching or even disease. This mosquito trap uses innovative technology to trap and kill bugs. It is portable and therefore, it can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

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