BuzzBGone Review Exposes Insect Zapper (Buzz B Gone) 2020 Update

Jul 23, 2020 10:10 PM ET

BuzzBGone is a new high tech and innovative device that effectively traps mosquitos without using any harmful chemicals. It is portable, low cost and can be powered on using any USB charger.

Mosquitoes are unusual creatures in the sense that they do not serve a particular purpose in nature. They are bothersome at best and deadly at worst. They carry and transmit a whole host of diseases and infections such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, etc. To get rid of them, you need new high tech gadgets like BuzzBGone.

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It isn’t a surprise that most people would like to eliminate these pesky little bugs from their lives. However, most products that claim to rid your home of mosquitoes either don’t accomplish the task they set out to do or harm you and the environment in the process. Sometimes both!

BuzzBGone Review and How Does It Work?

BuzzBGone, as the name might suggest, is a device that eliminates mosquitoes. A portable device that carries a lot of power, it works by emitting UV Rays to attract mosquitoes. Then it sucks them in using the suction fan present in the body of the machine.

Inside the machine, the fan continues to rotate, which kills the mosquitoes by dehydration. The device also comes with a collection tray at the bottom, which allows for an easy clean up of the dead bugs the next day. 

Buzz Be Gone is extremely easy to use, and it works. All you need to do is plug it in and let it do its job. Another critical thing to note is that the device does its job very well, all while avoiding the use of chemicals that may be harmful to your body.

The suction is mild and doesn’t use up a lot of electricity, nor is it so loud that it disturbs you while trying to work.

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Size – 17cm by 13cm

Voltage – 5v 1A

Range- 40m

Tech Type- 360 UV Light

USB Charging Port

Power- 5W


1. Portable. You can move it from one place to another. Take it anywhere you want with minimal effort, which is especially useful if you have a bigger house or travel a lot. 

2. Buzz Be Gone is unlike other mosquito repellents that either require you to follow a list of instructions or apply it on your skin. Instead, this device is so easy to use that you need to plug it in and turn it on. 

3. Another issue that arises with traditional mosquito repellents is that the dead mosquitoes are scattered all over the place after using them, which leads to a tough job cleaning up. It has a collection tray at the bottom of the unit, which allows you to dispose of the bugs with ease. 

4. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, many repellents never work as advertised, and if they do, they’re very harmful to you. One chemical that most repellents use is Diethyl-Meta-Toluamide. It is a high-risk factor for neurotoxicity in people, especially in children. On the other hand, Buzz Be Gone works very efficiently and only uses electricity and air to accomplish what it needs to.  

5. BuzzBGone price is also cheap, coming in at only $59.99. You won’t have to burn a massive hole in your pocket to keep yourself and your family safe from those pesky mosquitoes. 

Many consumer reviews have confirmed that it is also very silent and hardly creates any noise. Once you begin using it, you’ll hardly notice it’s there!

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1. One of the rear cons of this product is its limited working range. Buzz B Gone only works under a 40m radius, but this can be remedied either by moving it around the house or by buying multiple devices, given the low price point.  

2. Limited stock. Given how efficient and affordable it is, the product is flying off the shelves. Buzz Be Gone is also only available for purchase online, and not in physical, brick and mortar stores.

Why should you have one?

BuzzBGone mosquito zapper is portable, and you can use almost anywhere, as you can power it with any USB cable. Use it in the kitchen, kids room, patio, garage, inside RV, outdoors, while camping or in the tent.

Should You Buy BuzzBGone?

If you want a cost-efficient product that works very well in closed spaces without creating a lot of noise, it is just the thing for you. It will do what you need it to do and look quite stylish while doing it. Most other mosquito repellents are quite big and bulky and look out of place. On the other hand, this mosquito zapper is small and sleek and blends right in with the rest of your furniture.

If you are planning on using it outside or in an ample space such as a bar or restaurant, then it might not be the right choice for you, and you will want to look into a professional-grade repellent.

Where Can I Find It?

BuzzBGone can be bought online at the manufacturer’s official website only. It is not available on online stores such as Amazon, home depot, or Walmart. You can pay using different cards such as Amex, Mastercard, Visa, etc. or through PayPal.

Is Buzz B Gone a Scam, or Is it Legit?

It is a legit company, and many buzzbgone insect zapper reviews have shown that this device works. It is not for a huge place or open park. It traps mosquitos in a small radius. For this reason, some youtube reviewers think that it does not work. The website suggests buying multiple Buzz B Gone for large areas.

Buzz B Gone has an official website with working phone lines and email addresses. The payment portal is also secured using 256-Bit SSL Encryption.

It comes with 30 days money-back guarantee. With all these guarantees and customer reviews have proved people wrong who call buzzbgone a scam.

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In conclusion, thousands of BuzzBGone reviews confirm that it is an excellent product for anyone who wants to protect themselves from mosquitoes and other bugs without using harmful insecticides and pesticides.

It is effortless to use, easy to clean, and disposing of the dead mosquitoes is a breeze. The product barely creates any noise and looks very stylish and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

If you are looking for a repellant to use in a bigger space, get more than one buzz b gone and eliminate mosquitos from your whole house.


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