California Psychics Reviews: Best Free Psychic Readings Online By Phone Or Chat

Mar 30, 2021 12:28 AM ET

California Psychics Review

California Psychics

Great for: Guidance on complicated life issues

Type of readings: Phone, chat, and live

Specialties: Unstructured readings, tarot readings

Special offer: Introductory discounts

California Psychics is an online psychic reading platform where users can get connected to psychics online and get insights into their lives. They have been in this service since 1995 and have helped at least 6 million users since then. It is amongst the best online psychics because their fortune tellers are selected through a detailed process and are proven to possess the highest level of knowledge and ability in their field. Millions of customers have been satisfied and given their best recommendations on the website because of the quality experience they have had with California Psychics.

It is not easy to find a purpose, path, and direction in life. Psychics at California Psychics can help people understand these things through their knowledge and expertise. The unbiased discussions can help people gain confidence and have clarity on what steps one should take in life. Everybody faces issues in the area of love, money, relationships, career, and so on. One cannot understand or have a solution to every problem. For this reason, there are various categories and tools of psychic reading online to help people get specific solutions to their problems.

One of the reasons why California Psychics is the best and most accurate (according to is because they have a rigorous selection process before they finally accept a psychic for their website. Only 2 out of 100 psychics make it through their selection process. A thorough background check is done to ensure that there are no past criminal records. The expert psychic evaluators conduct the telephonic interview, followed by accurate psychic reading tests. The applicants are evaluated based on their ability to identify past, present, and future aspects of a client’s life and also how well they are able to read into the user’s personality and abilities.


California psychics understand that every user does not always have the time to visit a psychic. That is why they are available online, round the clock, to be able to reach customers in the remotest of areas. Their website is well organized for users to find their match. It is intentionally made user-friendly, and every little detail can be found on their website for the ease of users. On the California Psychics website, there are a lot of informative blogs related to psychic readings that can help a user get better clarity and understanding.

Users simply need to go to the California Psychics website and browse through the various available psychics to find answers to the questions haunting them. There are a lot of psychic profiles on their website. Each profile mentions the specialty, pricing, qualifications, and reviews for a particular psychic. By reading the reviews and specialties, users get an idea of what is going to be helpful to them.

After this, if the users find something helpful to them, they can then proceed with creating an account on the platform. The signup process hardly takes two to three steps. Users need to fill in basic information, including name, email id, and password. The next step is filling in the phone number and adding a payment method. This is all; now, the users can benefit from the wide range of services provided by California Psychics.

At California Psychics, the readers understand that every user has their reason to connect to a psychic. Users who are very new to the world of psychic readings take a little time to trust things. California Psychics ensures that every conversation between the reader and listener is private. During such conversations, users are expected to not hesitate and ask any doubts or questions they might have regarding their life problems. Users are expected to have peace of mind and carefully think about the questions that they want to ask the psychic.

The conversations are very private and intimate. The users can feel safe as confidentiality is guaranteed. Also, the users need not worry about mind-reading or discovering secrets. The psychics will tell the users only what they want to know and never discuss unrelated topics. California Psychics will make sure that the users find the guidance that they are looking for to lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life. The guidance is exactly what someone might need to get out from wherever they are stuck in life.

California Phone Psychics provides users with all the information over the call. Now, these readings will be successful only when the users are in tune with themselves and the questions they are seeking answers for. The users should find a quiet and comfortable place where they will not be disturbed and can have time to themselves to think of the most important questions. Users can write down the questions if they want to have clarity and structure of how the conversation should go. Lastly, taking some deep breaths would help ease the tension.

California live psychics is another medium through which sessions can be conducted. It is usually over a video call, wherein face-to-face interactions between the users and readers take place. Good internet connectivity is all that is required. Prices are charged according to the per minute rate set by the psychics. There is also an option of  California chat psychics, wherein users can chat with the psychics. There are various mediums through which the services are provided to make sure that every user’s needs are met.


At California psychics, the readers want to know what the users are looking for, as much as the user wants their guidance. The best way to receive the optimum benefit is to be prepared and let oneself open. The users need to understand that being open is what will help the psychic understand the problem. The users should not intervene when the reading is taking place, and all the doubts and questions should be clarified at the end so that there is a continuous flow. Also, it is often seen that users have a pre-conceived notion of what the answers are going to be. It is good not to assume and stay open to ideas and notions that one may not have even thought of.

California psychics horoscope is generously provided for free to all users. On their website, a tab of horoscopes is available that includes everything from daily horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, yearly horoscopes to zodiac sign compatibility. All of it is provided for free on the website. Users do not even have to go through the hassle of checking the website every day, they can sign up for the newsletter provided, and daily horoscope emails will be sent to them.

Everything from love horoscopes to money horoscopes to even compatibility, everything can be found in detail on the website, and all for free. Users can take advantage of this free service to understand themselves and their lives better. Another advantage is that since the horoscopes give an overview of every aspect, the users can book a psychic reading session and even ask questions about their horoscope.

For every category, California psychics have made a list of psychics that are experts in the field. The aspects include love readings, life, career advice, dream analysis, and so on. There are experts for every category that the users can choose from according to their requirements. For example, users can go specifically for the California love psychics to get a detailed reading on the same matter, and so on. more reviews on California psychics at

One of the most famous ones is online tarot reading. It is a type of cartomancy wherein cards are drawn, questions are formulated, and accordingly, cards are interpreted to gain insights into the past, present, and future in various aspects. It can be used for a love tarot reading, for a career, or for any other field that the user wants information about.

There are also various tools like tarot reading, astrology, numerology, and so on. The options do not end here. There is even a style option available, wherein the users can choose the kind of psychics they want; for example, users can go for an inspirational psychic category if they want to improve their life in the fields of love, destiny, path, and purpose. Similarly, they can go for a compassionate psychic if they want their session to be channeling and empathic. Another option available is to go for a straightforward psychic to have a clear picture of aspects like career, relationships, money, and finance.

When it comes to selecting a psychic, users become a little hesitant because they want full value for their money. Psychics’ rate usually reflects their experience, accuracy, and popularity. A higher rate showcases the accuracy and popularity. However, the lower rates do not in any way mean the opposite. As the popularity amongst the client for a particular psychic increase, their rates also move to the next tier. So, the users can rest assured that every price tier has equally talented and qualified psychics.

One good way to find an exact match is to filter and sort psychics according to the user’s needs on the California Psychics websites. There are various filters for style, tools, abilities, specialties, and so on that can help users find their perfect match and have a fruitful connection followed by an interactive and interesting discussion. There is also a psychic quiz available on the website that the users can take to find the perfect match. The quiz contains questions about user needs and accordingly displays the physics that matches the most.

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There are three pricing tiers that the customers get to choose from. The first one is the popular psychics, who are amongst the very few applicants that get selected for the job, and not to mention are highly knowledgeable and qualified. The next tier consists of preferred psychics, who have earned a reputation for themselves by constantly providing insightful guidance to the customers.

The third tier at California psychics is premium psychics, which are the most popular ones because of their ability to confidently help users with what step to take in life next. All these tiers have equally qualified psychics, just that the tier and pricing increase with their popularity amongst users.

The best way to choose a psychic is to go by the California psychics reviews, as they are provided by past users and are the best ones to give an opinion on. There are a lot of websites out there wherein the reviews are filled with fake accounts and serve no purpose. However, the ones at California Psychics are 100% genuine and give an exact idea of how it helped them so that the new users can estimate how it is going to help them.

To help build trust amongst the users, California psychics provide various introductory offers and a California psychics promo code that can be taken advantage of to have sessions at the lowest rate possible. All new users are given offers, and even the regular customers keep getting offers on their mail ids or android apps.

Hesitancy for psychic readings because of the false rumors created should not be the reason for one’s unfulfilling life. Everybody has the right to seek guidance and expert advice on life-related matters so that one can reach their highest potential. That is why California psychics do everything they can to reach maximum users through various mediums and the lowest possible rates.

No matter the doubt and rumors surrounding the topic of psychic readings, it has still always been popular amongst people. To make an informed decision, users can browse through the portal to read the reviews and ratings and then decide what they want to invest in.

Customer satisfaction is important at California psychics, and they ensure that the users get a good experience. However, if there is an issue and the user feels that they have not been connected with the right psychics, they can always choose to go ahead and end the call. The users must reach out to the customer care service within 24 hours to ensure that they get connected with another psychic of choice.

To get involved in a psychic reading session, one needs to ensure that the services are genuine. The best way to find it out is to do extensive research, understand the reviews and recommendations. It is self-explanatory that if the negative reviews are way more than the positive ones, then the accuracy cannot be trusted.

However, in the opposite case, if all the reviews are positive, have an appealing tone, and all are almost the same, they cannot be trusted as well. Overly positive reviews are usually fabricated and play a major role in bringing the credibility of the website down.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that all the readers are brought to users by the websites, so all the information collection, bank details, and payment are to be done directly at the website and not to the readers. If, during a session, the reader asks for bank details or any sensitive information, the users have the right to end the call then and there and report them.

If one finds that the online psychic reading service provided to them is not satisfactory, or if unnecessary and irrelevant information is asked, the users can report it all on the forum. Even after a long session, if the user feels that there is a lack of clarity in what guidance was needed, the user has the right to seek help from the website.

Most websites either offer a cashback policy or the option to get connected to another psychic so that their money is not wasted on something that does not provide value to them in any way.

California Psychics

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