Can Engagement Rings be Simple?

Jun 5, 2023 2:12 AM ET

The popularity of living life in a minimalistic way is rapidly increasing among people, so they opt for simple engagement rings as these rings represent clarity and simplicity. Not all couples want to have a large and flashy engagement ring. The ongoing trends state that people are simplifying and decluttering things, which is why modern brides are choosing simple lab grown diamonds. If you are fond of minimalistic style engagement rings and want to know if engagement rings can be simple and beautiful at the same time, then the following guide will help you learn great details about simple engagement rings.

Why choose simple engagement rings?

Engagement rings can both be simple and flashy. It depends on your personal style and budget which type of ring design and style you want for your engagement ring. Engagement Rings Simple symbolize commitment, fidelity, and love, so these rings are gaining popularity among modern brides.

Less prone to damages

Having a simple diamond ring for your engagement would mean that your ring will be less immune to damage and chip. A big flashy ring is more likely to get damaged, snag on clothing, and even tear your sweater or favorite shirt. If you are looking for an engagement ring to wear on an everyday basis, then a simple engagement ring will be the right choice since big rings are vulnerable to chipping and damage. If you are an active person, an extravagant and big ring will not be an ideal choice for you, and you will get scratches on your ring.

What are the popular simple engagement ring styles?

Simple engagement rings are classic and timeless styles which have held their beauty for several years and have never been out of trend. Some of the most everlasting and popular simple engagement ring styles are as follows:

Solitaire Ring

The popularity and fashion of a classic solitaire diamond ring will never go out of trend. A solitaire diamond ring will not let you draw attention away from the beauty of your diamond stone.

Engagement Ring Along with Side Stones

If you want to add simple bling to your engagement ring, then you can opt for elegant and gorgeous side stones to enhance the look of your center diamond. As long as the side stones are not large enough to distract from the center stone.

Antique Engagement Ring

Time-honored antique engagement rings carry an individual style and rich history, which will continue to have an elegant appeal and timeless beauty. If you want to add vintage charm and sophistication in the simplest manner, then antique engagement rings can be a good option.

Metalwork Ring

Sometimes instead of emphasizing gemstones or diamonds, a metalwork ring comprising of waves, braids, or twists in the ring can also represent simple beauty.

Things To Consider While Shopping for Simple Engagement Rings

Even when shopping for a simple engagement ring, you have to consider many factors to get a significant jewelry piece for yourself and get the best value for your money.


While shopping for minimalist engagement rings, you have to be familiar wait the four Cs: color, carat, clarity, and cut in order to ensure that the diamond is of good quality.

Choosing a good quality diamond engagement ring is essentially related to whether you are going for a complex or simple design.

Metal Option

Gold is one of the most popular metals in engagement rings, which come in different carat values and colors. Apart from gold, yellow gold, platinum, and rose gold can add a bit of distinction to your engagement ring in the simplest style.

Diamond Shape

Round brilliant cut diamonds are one of the most popular and trendy choices for engagement rings, irrespective of simple or complex designs; however, you can also choose other popular shapes that will be equally eye-catching and beautiful, like pear-shaped, Oval, Marquise, or Princess cut, etc.

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