Cannabis seed: discover its benefits

Nov 20, 2020 7:09 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 20, 2020  2:09 PM ET

Today we will talk about a food that has become fashionable in recent months and that bursts into the food scene due to its great properties: cannabis seeds.

Also, you can now easily buy marijuana seeds online on the best and most reliable websites.

But wait, hemp is the plant you get marijuana from, right?

Cannabis and hemp seeds are the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant, which is from which we can obtain the famous drug of cannabis or marijuana. In these seeds, which provides us with the hemp, we can find endless benefits that have been studied and proven.

For this reason, it becomes a healthy and nutritious food that we can incorporate into our more traditional dishes, such as this bulgur salad, for example. Do you want to know more about weed seeds?…keep reading!

Cannabis seeds: unique nutritional power and benefits

Cannabis seeds’ oil is mainly used these seeds of hemp or Cannabis Sativa, as food and medicinal substance, because of its high nutritional value that makes it a clear superfood to include in our diet.

But what properties does it contain? We are going to explain to you what are the main benefits that you can incorporate through these seeds:

Rich in polyunsaturated fats: Omega 6 and Omega 3

The cannabis seed is rich in healthy fatty acids such as Omega-6 and Omega-3 and the amount it provides is close to the recommended daily. These seeds contain more essential fatty acids than the seeds of any other plant and therefore, we can consider them as an anti-inflammatory food and that can help in outbreaks and dermatitis or arthritis.

As a curious fact, if you have Otitis, you can use the oil of this seed to calm inflammation and pain in the ears. Besides, due to its composition rich in Omega-3, it can help regulate the levels of bad cholesterol in our blood.

Cannabis seeds are antioxidants

These seeds are rich in vitamin E, the vitamin known as “antioxidant” and that can protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun and premature skin aging. Also, these weed seeds are covered by a layer that protects this vitamin E and its great composition of vitamin B against rotting.

Cannabis seeds contain the nine essential amino acids

These nutrients are important because they provide us with substances in our body that are unable to produce and that, therefore, we must obtain from food. Faced with continued deficiencies of these components, complications may appear in some systems of our body, especially the nervous system. We can also see a delay in wound healing or muscle recovery. Therefore, it is very important to include foods that provide us with these amino acids in our diets.

Cannabis seeds are a great source of vegetable protein

It contains a great composition of highly valuable vegetable proteins. For this reason, it becomes a food to consider for people who have a diet low in protein, such as vegetarians, the elderly, people with eating disorders or stress or simply for athletes who need this kind of nutrients.

Its proteins are easier to digest than those of eggs, dairy or meat, so what are you waiting for to start incorporating them into your routine?

Cannabis seeds are rich in fiber

Hemp seeds are rich in fiber. These contain 20% soluble fiber, which is used for the intestinal flora and can help stabilize the glucose peaks and the amount of cholesterol found in our blood. The remaining 80% is made up of insoluble fiber, which favors waste in the intestine and reduces the risk of diabetes.

As a trick, try to always consume these seeds with their shell, since when peeled they contain less fiber and therefore less benefits in your body.

Cannabis seeds are rich in minerals

These seeds present an exceptional nutritional picture and are rich in minerals such as iron, manganese, zinc, phosphorus and above all, very rich in magnesium. Then we leave you its nutritional value so that you can observe it for yourself:

Are cannabis seeds considered as narcotic?

But before we go, we must leave you a piece of information that you should know and may worry you: Although these seeds come from the plant from which Marijuana is extracted, they do not present cannabidiol, nor do they contain the main narcotic component of this drug, delta-9 -tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

This component only occurs in flowers and leaves of the plant, not in the seeds. In this way, you have nothing to fear when consuming this superfood, because you are not going to have side effects of any kind.

If you want to collect and buy the best weed seeds online, see you soon, on! We hope we have been helpful in learning more about this superfood. You will find unique cannabis strains and seeds from BSF Seeds from California as well as many blog sands articles to learn all you need to know about cannabis seeds in general.