Canton, GA, How Can I File a Personal Injury Claim?

Mar 17, 2020 1:05 AM ET

Most individuals who get injured in Georgia are not aware of the legal process required to file a claim regarding their injury. Getting in touch with a personal injury attorney is a good first step to take when a person decides or is the process of deciding to take legal action against the party who was responsible for their injury.

After a person gets injured, they should keep in mind that it is their responsibility to get medical help to help them recover. If a person fails to treat their injuries and they get worse as a result of their delaying, this can be bad for their case later down the road. However, in some cases, a person does not even come to know of the injury until some time has passed. In this case, an individual will most probably be excused for not treating their injuries on time because they didn’t even know they had them in the first place.  When a person does get their injuries treated, they should make sure to collect the invoice and bills and keep them safe so they can be used as evidence later.

Apart from keeping the bills safe, a person should also keep a journal in which they document their injury and the recovery as well. Not only will this make it easier for a person to remember to take their medication on time, but it will also work alongside the bills as evidence to prove exactly how much a person suffered due to the injury.

If a person faced a personal injury during a car accident, they should get in touch with their insurance company. It is always better to have one’s attorney communicate with the insurer and not to make any negotiations with them unsupervised as this often results in the wrong information being exchanged and a person ending up with much less compensation than they deserve.

To file a personal injury claim, an attorney will create a draft letter and keep following up with the insurer until a settlement is negotiated. If no progress is being made they can escalate matters and take the insurer or the guilty party to court. The amount of time it will take for a person to get their final settlement depends on how severe the injuries were, how clear the evidence was, and how compliant the defendant is to pay for the damages.

What happens if I miss work due to my injuries?

Anyone who misses their work because of their injuries should get letters from their employer to prove they did not show up those days and that they would be losing their pay, or even their position, because of their inability to come to work. This evidence should then be presented in court so a person can get compensated for their lost wages. If a person loses their job due to their injuries, they may be entitled to receive support until they are financially independent again.

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