Capture It Better: 5 Tips In Taking The Best Group Shots

Aug 19, 2020 5:45 AM ET

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For beginner photographers, getting a good picture can appear basic: simply point and click. However, someone who tries to take great group photos knew that there’s a lot further to go. From picking the right focus to setting up a nice setup for selecting the best lighting, it takes a lot of thinking to catch a perfect picture.

One of the most popular forms of professional photography is ‘group shot.’ They happen anywhere, from ceremonies to festivals, to celebrations, to sports teams, and schools.

Even if you’re a newcomer or a more professional photographer, if you plan to take your group shots to the next level, here are some of the best ideas that will help you develop your photos! Try these five tricks to step up your group photo quality.


The position where you have your group position is fundamental for a variety of reasons for group photos. Of one, it may offer a photo meaning. The other explanation of why it is necessary to select locations carefully is that they may have distractions.

Find an area where the team-best fit, where there is enough brightness for a photo, and no disturbances in the area.

Get Closer to The Subject

Try to be as close as you can to the group you’re taking pictures with (making sure everyone fits on the screen). The closer you could get, the more clarity you’re going to get in their expressions – something that raises a picture.

One successful strategy for this is to get the group where all of them lean their heads close to each other to enable you to move any closer. One strategy to get close together is to bring people out of a line of alignment and stagger or put other persons in front and behind.

Think Differently

For certain situations, the group can pose very naturally. The tallest people are heading to the back, the small ones to the base. But there are many ways you may add to the structure of the photo.

If the gathering is based on one or two individuals (such as a wedding or a birthday party), make them the central focus by placing them right at the group’s center. You can add style to your images by having each of them staring at the frame, and then looking at the person/couple.

In formal group pictures, the group’s tallest members may just head into the back of the group, let shorter individuals on the group’s ends.


Lighting is a huge factor that contributes to your photo. If your lighting is not lit, no one will be interested in it.

If it’s grainy and it doesn’t look good, and you can’t figure out the light, you shouldn’t take the photo right now. Wait for golden hour when light is naturally diffused, so your photos will probably end up looking a hundred times better.

You need to get enough light to have adequate details of your subjects. How you do this differs from place to place, but consider using a flash if the group is small and you are close enough to make it functional – especially if the major light source is approaching from behind the group.

Make Use of a Tripod

There are various explanations that it may be helpful to use a tripod while taking group photos. First, a tripod shows that you’re focused on what you’re doing, so that you’ll help them with their attention also.

Second, as a professional, you have more flexibility to be interested in developing your subjects’ poses. Attach the camera to the tripod when it is already ready to take a picture in terms of lighting, settings, and targeting, and so it is going to be ready at a point when you’ve got the group looking just right to catch the right time. Now, grab these good-quality tripods for your Photography session with the squad!


Indeed, you must smile! Have good times and appreciate the experience of getting your photos, and you will see that the group will too. You’ll typically come home from a wedding that you’ve attended with an exceptionally swollen jaw-line with all those smiles as I think the easiest way to get a person and their families to relax and giggle is to smile at them.


If you think it’s hard enough to snap photos of a single person, then Photograpy a group of people will be challenging. Not just that, you have to remind everyone what to do, but you do have to make sure that each one of them looks stunning in your pictures. Make sure to learn the basics like finding the right location, using the perfect lighting, and using the best tripod.


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