Casa Pacifica Honors Former CEO Steven E. Elson With New Campus Name

Dec 1, 2020 6:00 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 1, 2020  1:00 AM ET

Casa Pacifica Centers for Children & Families has made a big change. They have renamed their main campus at their Camarillo headquarters after their long-term, and recently retired CEO Steve Elson. It is now the Steven E. Elson Campus, and, if you know Mr. Elson’s career, this honor was well-deserved.

But First…

Casa Pacifica offers services to help families, youth, and children who were under the unfortunate hands of abuse and neglect. As well as those that have other emotional and behavioral problems and even substance abuse. They have helped and are working with about 2, 100 people annually. Their campus is on a 24 acres rural area that is less than 10 km away (about five miles) from the Pacific Ocean. Here they can give families, youth, and children the space to heal. As well as learn how to see the light at the end of their struggles with their backing.

Casa Pacifica’s goals are to help children, youth, and families to get through and learn how to cope with their difficult times. The end goal would be that the struggling parties would feel a part of a community. Where they can flourish and thrive with the backing of Casa Pacifica who is there for them throughout everything. The good and the bad.

Why the Rename

Steve Elson is a man that did a lot for youth and children before he retired in July 2020. He has worked in the field for over 35 years of fighting for advances for children and the rest of the youth. Many organizations such as the California Mental Health Advocates for Children and Youth; the American Association of Children’s Residential Centers; and the California Alliance of Child and Family Services have used his skills and serves.

Regarding Casa Pacifica, one of the leading Teen and Youth Services, Camarillo, he was the CEO. And one who led them from having only four core programs to running 14 campuses. Plus, some community-based programs. The programs that they run have gained recognition from not only the state but the whole nation as well. With Steve Elson’s guidance, Casa Pacifica has programs that offer well thought out, as well as effective methods. These were able to help about 42, 687 families, youths, and children through their unbelievably tough times.

On top of all that, in 2017, he helped Casa Pacifica become the first center in Southern California and the third in their state to gain a short-term residential therapeutic program license. This has to be done due to the Continuum of Care Reform that was introduced in 2017.

In Closing

Steve Elson has done a lot not only for Casa Pacifica but for the rest of the nation. With his effort and hard work, the center has a strong foundation to carry on his and their legacy. By helping and guiding the youth, children, and families. Therefore, it makes sense that Casa Pacifica would want to rename to show honor to the man that did a lot.