Chandler, AZ, Who Gets the Kids After a Divorce?

Feb 28, 2020 10:05 PM ET

The children are always greatly affected when their parents decide to split up for good. Research shows that when a couple divorces each other aggressively in a manner that involves a lot of fighting, yelling, and domestic violence, the children always take the divorce to heart and often face trauma because of the separation. However, when two individuals split up calmly while explaining to the children what is happening, and that co-parenting will still take place then children are often able to make the changes without getting traumatized by the experience.

No matter how a couple decides to split up, at the end of the day the question will always arise as to who keeps the children and how the child will be financially supported. In Arizona, both parents have rights over their children and no parent have superiority over the other concerning the care and control of their children. However, if one of the parents are abusive, mentally unstable or physically incapable of looking after their children then their chances of getting custody are reduced significantly.

It is first up to the two individuals to decide who will live with the children and who will financially support them. If they can not come to a conclusion, hiring a divorce lawyer in Arizona is the best way to ensure the right decisions are being made. A lawyer can help mediate between the two parties until a fair and acceptable agreement is concluded upon by both parties.

An attorney can aid both parties in coming up with a proper parenting schedule that includes how the kids will spend their weekends and their holidays and who will be responsible for picking the kids up from school and all their extracurricular activities. Once the schedule has been decided it is generally sent into court to ensure it follows the law and no partner is being taken advantage of by the other.

How will child support be calculated?

In Arizona, child support is calculated through the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. Some factors taken into consideration when determining child support include:

Both parents’ incomes
Healthcare costs for the children involved
Daycare costs
The time spent by each parent with the children

After going through a divorce, the hope is that both individuals and the children involved will not be mentally scarred by the experience and that they will be able to continue enjoying the life they had before the divorce. No parent wants to put their children through such an experience unless it is necessary for them and there is no way the family unit can continue living happily in their current conditions.

When it comes to deciding who the children will live with, many factors are taken into consideration but the main factor the court judges is which parent will be able to meet both the emotional and physical needs of the children best. Whoever is responsible for helping them with schooling, feeding them, being their mental coach, and supporting them in every way will most probably win more time with the kids.


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