Charleston driver crashes into a city building. What kind of information will the accident investigation attempt to uncover?

Feb 19, 2020 11:05 PM ET

After an automobile crash, the accident investigation is an important way for law enforcement and insurance companies to try to determine an exact cause and obtain other useful pieces of information. After the investigation, a lawyer can use some of the same information for the purpose of filing a lawsuit on their client’s behalf.


A pickup truck struck a building in downtown Charleston and hit several other vehicles around the same time.


School building and cars in the area were damaged by a pickup truck

The incident happened at the building on the corner of Courtenay Drive and Ralph Johnson Drive. Emergency crews first arrived at the area in the early hours of the morning, then public safety officers for the school nearby responded. The building in question is a student center for the Medical University of South Carolina. The entire front end of the truck was smashed in, which leads police to believe the driver was travelling at a very high rate of speed when the impact occurred.  

At the time of the news report it was unclear whether anyone was injured or required hospitalization. A twitter update from the reporter on the scene showed yellow tape blocking the area and Charleston Police officers on foot near the crash. Photos from the scene also showed two other cars with damage to their rear bumpers. The identity of the truck driver was not released.


The accident investigation

When police and emergency crews arrive on the scene, they will usually render medical aid immediately if anyone is injured. After the victims have been transported to a hospital or given treatment, the vehicles will be inspected. A formal report must contain a summary of the damage to the cars or trucks involved, as well as an officer’s opinion regarding what caused the crash. All of this information is especially important to an insurance company if one of the drivers attempts to make a claim to have their damage repaired through a collision policy.


Assistance from a legal professional

There are a number of ways that accident attorneys assist in the aftermath of a collision. Before contacting a lawyer, it is still recommended to follow all laws and regulations to contact the police and your insurance company to report the incident as soon as possible. It is also important to disclose if a commercial vehicle such as a truck or bus was involved, as there are some differences in lawsuits against transportation businesses versus an individual driver.


Get help from South Carolina accident attorneys

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