Check Out Why Everyone Is Talking About the Ford EcoSport

Nov 11, 2020 2:58 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 11, 20209:58 AM ET

It’s an understatement to say that compact crossovers have skyrocketed in demand in the last ten years. Compact SUVs like the Ford Escape have developed a following because they’re reliable, fun, and pack a real punch under the hood.

However, a new segment of vehicles has rapidly gained in popularity of late: subcompact SUVs. These sports utility vehicleshave caught the imagination of urban drivers by striking a balance between rugged, sporty, and practical. Leading the pack of subcompact SUVs is the Ford EcoSport.

Although the Ford EcoSport looks like a contemporary and stylish subcompact, it has the tough Ford spirit drivers have come to love.

Let’s Talk About Traction

If you drive in a part of the world that experiences snowy, wet, or dusty weather, or if you just like going on dirty, muddy, or rough roads during off-roading adventures, then Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) is a must-have.

Essentially, 4WD pumps torque to all four wheels of a vehicle through differentials, couplings, and transfer cases, giving it extra traction when required. 4WD is more robust than all-wheel drive (AWD)in rough environments because it sends powers to all four wheels equally.

4WD is especially useful when navigating through more challenging winter road conditions. For example, 4WD will help you more than AWD when the snowy roads are unplowed, if you’re in a snowdrift, or if you’re passing through swampy terrain.

The Intelligent 4WD drivetrain comes standard with the 2.0L Ti-VCT Engine on the Ford EcoSport and gives it the power and grip it needs to move freely in almost any situation. Visit Colony Ford Lincoln to take a Ford EcoSport out for a spin and experience the extra traction yourself!

Safety Features

Aside from 4WD, the Ford EcoSport has a host of other technology to keep you safe. For example, its Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross-Traffic Alert technology uses radar to identify vehicles in your blind spot and alerts you visually on the appropriate mirror.

Technology also makes it safer to back out with the Ford EcoSport. Cross-Traffic Alert utilizes multiple sensors to watch out for cars approaching as far as 15 yards away. Meanwhile, theRear View Cameragives an excellent view of what’s behind your Ford EcoSport. The Rear View Camera helps see smaller objects you can’t catch on your mirrors, like an animal running behind your vehicle. The Rear View Camera also comes with an optional washer, clearing the camera lens of snow or dust, and is helpful during rough weather.

Modern Amenities

There is so much more to the Ford EcoSport than its robust drivetrain and its impressive safety features. The vehicle is a practical choice for families thanks to a cargo space that’s larger than most cars in its class.

For modern users, the Ford EcoSport has features such as a power moonroof, heated steering wheel, LCD touchscreen, voice-activated touchscreen navigation system, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. You’ll also get a trial subscription to the content-rich SiriusXM.

With so many features in a powerful subcompact SUV, including 4WD, it’s no wonder that the Ford EcoSport has left the hearts of so many car enthusiasts racing.