Checking on Your Lawn: 5 Practical Pointers for Yard Enthusiasts

Sep 3, 2020 9:25 AM ET

One observable fact is that an ideal home consists of a yard enough to cater to the family’s recreational activities. In America, an area of the yard should be the approximately fourth part of an acre or about 1,000 square meters. Even though residence in villages and subdivisions are sought-after, yards are still preferred like it’s prescribed.

No matter how you want it to be, your yard is the primary point of reception for visitors or even merely passersby. Keeping it clean and verdant through means you could avail is an obligation you must fulfill as an accountable homeowner. Ultimately, you’ll be hearing compliments or rude remarks if you will not take proper responsibility.

Apply Natural Fertilizers

In an extensive assortment of fertilizers in stock, you have to be well advised with the consequences upon administering to your flora. Though declarations could attest that commercial lawn fertilizers bring no further harm aside from irritation to skin, eyes, and nose, we have to try other alternatives that would be beneficial and cost-effective.

Other fertilizing products for lawn contain pesticides and chemicals that would seize the growth of weed. This fact alone could pose a health threat to your dog playing frisbee in the backyard or perhaps your children enjoying the warmth of a Sunday morning in the garden. To avoid these, take note of the enumeration below for your reference in natural fertilizers.

1.  Poultry Manure

It would be nice to hear the chickens’ clucking or quacking of the ducks you have in the backyard. While you wait for their eggs to hatch, you can watch your lawn grow abundantly through the waste they generate!

2.   Compost Fertilizer

The kitchen contributes significantly to household waste a day. You can convert these waste into something beneficial for your outdoor carpet. What’s irrecoverable in the kitchen is helpful in the yard. Through composting, the organic compounds resting in the waste contain innumerable nutrients valuable to plants.

3.   Grasscycling

When mowing the yard, you could allow the grass clipping to immerse in the field evenly. This way, you could extract the nitrogen, which is the prime component of the building blocks of proteins or the amino acid. The lawn could generate its food on its own while the sun is still up.

Hydrate the Lawn Regularly

Like any other plant, the lawn is no exemption when it comes to the need of irrigation. It is repetitively taught in biology that water is the regulator of a plant’s system. In all kinds of turf, water is necessary along with the sunlight, nutrients, and carbon dioxide.

Make it a habit to set off the sprinkler irrigation every morning. If you are using drip, soaker or even manual hose irrigation, it is pretty decent and effective if you would schedule the session early in the morning. While the sun is still not up to cause the water to evaporate, you should perform the watering for it to straightly penetrate into the soil.

Don’t Forget to Aerate it

Lawns could be distinguished into two major classifications—warm-season and cool-season grasses. Holes could add volume to the soil while allowing the nutrients from the water, air, and nutrients to make their way into the roots without weather interventions such as water evaporation if the sun is radiating high.

For cool-season grasses like perennial ryegrass and bentgrass, early spring or fall is the best season. On the other hand, for warm-climate grasses such as Bermuda and carpet grass, aeration should occur in early summer.

Remove Weeds

The parasitic relationship between your grass and the weed living along with it deserves total closure. The healthiest way is to remove these weeds daily with the right weeding tools. You could pull it with your bare hands if you insist on doing it that way.

Weed killers could cause environmental degradation that could affect humans in multiple ways. It is best to linger to the conventional way of clearing your lawn with handheld devices in the garage.

Look for a Lawn Mowing Service

If you’re searching for a mowing service, Brisbane is one the leading service providers in the area. You could spend your weekends without thinking much of the lawn care if you let professionals handle the work. Establishing a connection with the right partner in keeping your lawn in good trim is an excellent investment.

Mowing the lawn could drive out the pests inhabiting the grass. The best time to mow the grass is in the morning. The grass shouldn’t be cut down under the sun’s scorching heat because this might exhaust the grass and cause it to droop.


Besides adding beauty to the house’s overall appearance, our yards also refresh us with a natural air conditioning system. Sparing time outdoors is a health booster as well. While we enjoy leisure and pleasure in the backyard, we could also get a life extension as a perk.

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