Chloe Trautman of Siesta Key Introduces the Brand’s New Modern Mommies Segment

Aug 14, 2020 10:25 PM ET

Chloe of Siesta Key introduces the new Modern Mommies segement by Kenzie Lautenschlager

Modern moms come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Teens are becoming moms in high school and middle-aged women are entering mommy-hood in their 40s. The truth is, the modern mom has no particular defintion, and that’s what makes being a modern mom in 2020, so special. Mother of two Kenzie Lautenschlager is partnering with Chloe from Siesta Key. They are working together to explain that modern mommies don’t have to fit into a mold, and to provide helpful information and advice to moms around the globe.

Chloe of Siesta Key explained that Kenzie Lautenschlager has taken over ther Modern Mommies segment at Concept by Chloe. Lautenschlager grew up in Sarasota, Fla., with two loving parents who were a shining example of love and marriage. Kenzie became pregnant with her high school sweetheart in her senior year of high school. Instead of chastising their daughter, Kenzie’s parents gave her unconditional love and support during those difficult times. Baby Kylee was born healthy and happy and is now 5 years old. 

Concept by ChloeKenize and her highschool sweetheart Max were married in 2018, and welcomed another baby into the world. Chloe of Siesta Key stardom explained that Kenzie’s life as a mother is one that many young women would fear or even decide not to undertake. However, Kenzie was able to embrace being a young mom and is able to thrive as her family continues to grow. Kenzie’s daughter Kylee will turn 6 on Aug. 15, her youngest daughter Romee is 3 years old, and the family also has a new golden retriever puppy.  Chloe the Siesta Key starlet attributes much of Kenzie’s success to the support of Kenzie’s mom, who remains her rock through life’s finest and toughest moments. 

Kenzie Lautenschlager has faced numerous ups and downs as a newlywed and young mom. Her goal is to share her experiences through the Concept by Chloe outlet, providing advice for moms in need and simply relating to moms of all backgrounds. Despite her young age, Kenzie Lautenschlager has years of mommyhood under her belt with more to come. She looks forward to connecting with fellow moms through the Concept by Chloe brand and putting some tips and tricks she’s learned over the years out into the public. 

Chloe Trautman of Siesta Key created Concept by Chloe as a virtual lifestyle brand designed to bring women together through sharing stories and advice. The Modern Mommies segment, run by Kenzie Lautenschlager, is just one of many available outlets for women from all walks of life to feel welcomed as well as find guidance, inspiration, workouts, beauty tips and more. Chloe Trautman of Siesta Key emphasizes that Concept by Chloe is a community available to women of all ages and backgrounds, and she encourages everyone to join the conversation. 


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