Choose Your Next Flower Carefully

Oct 18, 2020 10:36 AM ET

Oct 18, 2020 6:36 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Oct 18, 2020

With so much variety in flowers, you can never go wrong with what you buy or send. However, what if you want to go a step further? What if you want to change it up and add more meaning to your gifts? Sure, flowers can show someone that you love them, but are you sending the right one that actually symbolizes love? And what kind of love? Well, we will break down what certain flowers mean so that you can send them a message without words. It may even lead to a conversation if they want to know why you sent what you sent.

The Meaning Behind The Flowers

Flowers have been around since, obviously, the dawn of time. They have been used to send messages during the Victorian Era as well as to add more symbolism in Shakespeare’s plays. They have been used in a lot of folklore, mythologies, sonnets from Romans, Chinese, Greek, and even Egyptians.

During the Victorian Era (the 1800s) they were used in the same way as we use texting nowadays. A visual, unspoken language like texting where you see the words but do not hear them out loud. For example, handing over flowers with the right-hand means “yes” to a question asked while handing them over with the other hand, indicates “no”. Flowers could also be used as a rejection of a proposal. A red rose says “I love you” and the reply is a yellow carnation which is said to be “disdain”. History is littered with such exchanges that accounting for all of them is a lot, but we believe you get the idea.

What Flowers To Send?

The best flowers to send should have a little story behind them. Yellow Pansy can indicate that you are thinking of them, while Red Tulips can symbolize that you are declaring your love for them. Every flower can have a meaning to it, and research would be needed to discover the right one. You can mix them up to tell your partner or friend different emotions. It is the thought that counts, a cliché we know, but one that is and always has been true.  Sending a Timeless Bouquet can tell a different story when compared to any other bouquets.

What Do The Popular Flowers Mean?

Since there are so many we have narrowed down the list to the ones most often sent:

  • Calla Lilies- Purity and faith
  • Carnations- Love. However, certain colors mean different things, pink is to be unforgettable, yellow (as we mentioned) is disdain and rejection, striped is refusal. Therefore, be extra careful with this type.
  • Daisies- Hope and innocence
  • Alstroemeria- Friendship, prosperity, and good luck

And finally:

  • Red is love, pink means to be happy, yellow is said to be the symbol of infidelity, jealously and loss of love and a dark crimson rose means to mourn someone or something.

Therefore, make sure you chose your words, in this case, flowers, carefully.