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Nov 25, 2020 5:00 PM ET

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Cleaning your teeth is not always that easy. Even though there are now some electric brushes on the market that tackle these problems, they are not universal and can be used with everything. For example, most people with dentures have problems using them. We would like to introduce CleanT at this point. It is an alternative brush that can clean the teeth, but also whitens them at the same time. Therefore we would like to try it out. It is also very cheap. We would like to introduce the details and explain what the device is all about, what makes CleanT so special and why it is a good alternative to cleaning teeth.

CleanT toothbrush

What is CleanT?

CleanT is an alternative to the electric toothbrush. It is easy to use and within ten seconds it can clean and whiten teeth. The manufacturer is convinced of its capabilities and places special emphasis on the following features:

  • Very short brushing time, is done within ten seconds
  • Bass method recommended by dentists around the world
  • teeth whitening, which is usually very expensive
  • Waterproof and compatible with all dentures or braces
  • Mouthpiece is antibacterial and thus repels 99 percent of bacteria
  • Convenient and very easy to use without technical know-how

As you can see, the toothbrush has all the properties you expect from it and it stays in its application time for a very short time. The Bass method is recommended by dentists around the world. It can also whiten teeth and it even comes with a toothpaste that you can use. It does not absorb bacteria and is also compatible with dentures and other things. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Why do I need this toothbrush?

The CleanT is first and foremost a natural way to clean your teeth professionally. But cleaning the teeth is not the end of the story. By whitening the teeth, it is attractive for many people and therefore the target group cannot be clearly defined. It can be used by young and old. In addition, it is easy to use and can be used even if no technical know-how is available. It is also completely irrelevant whether you are a man or a woman. It can be used by both sexes equally. CleanT is a welcome alternative for the whole family. The only people who cannot use the toothbrush are children. Their dentition is not yet so developed that the CleanT will fit at all. But once they have reached the size, they can use the device to clean their teeth without any problems.

By the way: The  can not only be used for general teeth cleaning, as is the case with normal teeth. Those who wear braces or dentures will have very good experiences with this alternative. Therefore it is also very interesting for these people.

CleanT evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we would like to give CleanT a good rating. The device for cleaning teeth is extremely easy to use and gives you the opportunity not only to clean your teeth professionally and in the shortest possible time, but also to whiten them at the same time. Basically, it is a good alternative to the normal electric toothbrush and will certainly become a good gadget for many users who do not want to do without it. CleanT is a new innovation that becomes noticeable after only a few days and you can count on its function very well. We would therefore like to recommend it very much and think that you can use it well.

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CleanT – Technical facts

As far as the technology is concerned, there is hardly any information about CleanT. Nevertheless, we summarize below what we could find out.

1. LED light and speed indicator
2. 360-degree antibacterial mouthpiece
3. Charging via simple USB connection
4. On and off switch for easy operation
5. Waterproof and compatible with braces and dentures

As you can see, there is not much information about it. Nevertheless, you are quite able to get an overview and see that the toothbrush has everything you need to clean your teeth and whiten them at the same time.

What are the CleanT quality features?

CleanT primarily does not have its own quality seal or similar. However, we could convince ourselves of the quality, because we tried the device for cleaning teeth. The order went without any further complaints and is very easy to order on the manufacturer’s website. After we sent it, we were always kept up to date on everything. A few days later, we even received a link by e-mail, which allowed us to check where the package actually is. After we received CleanT, we tried out the tooth-cleaning device directly. We found out that it is very easy to handle and can be used by everyone. The brushing is very short but effective.

The ten seconds the appliance takes to clean the teeth pass quickly and afterwards you will have a clean feeling on your teeth. By the way, the splint adapts well to your own oral cavity due to its composition. With time, you can already notice some changes in the mirror, concerning the brightness of the teeth. All in all, the teeth looked much better than before. So we can give it a positive evaluation and think it is a good alternative to the typical toothbrush. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this product?

Like any other gadget, this one has its own advantages and disadvantages, which should be kept in mind. Therefore we took the opportunity to summarize everything you should know in the following. With this information you can get your own picture and find out if the CleanT really meets your expectations. It is also a decision support, if you are not yet sure whether you should buy the product.


  • Ease of use
  • Brightens the teeth additionally
  • Takes only ten seconds in use
  • Cleans teeth better than other electrical alternatives
  • Can be charged and reused


  • None known

As you can see, with CleanT there are no disadvantages you need to fear. The toothbrush brings everything that makes a good appliance. It is easy to use and can be used to clean and whiten teeth. In addition, it takes only a very short time to clean. It is rechargeable and can therefore be used over a long period of time. It is therefore highly recommended to try out the CleanT for teeth cleaning.

General CleanT reviews

During our research, we looked for information that would support the CleanT. We found this information through testimonials written by users who have already tried the CleanT. Some of them had previously used an electric toothbrush, but were not entirely satisfied with the results. Thanks to CleanT, they were also able to take advantage of the whitening of their teeth. After a while, the first results were already visible and very satisfactory. The toothbrush is a good replacement for the typical electric version and can not only clean the teeth but also whiten them. Most users appreciated this very much and also its easy handling. Another point that was emphasized was the short time the device takes to clean the teeth. However, we could not find any negative reports. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Are there any problems with CleanT?

After we have made our own impression of the CleanT, we can answer this question with a clear “No! However, it is important to use the appliance for cleaning teeth as described in the operating instructions. Then nothing can actually go wrong.

Where can I order CleanT?

It is best to order directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer does not only offer its own internet store on its homepage, but also has corresponding offers in stock, which can be used. These usually include several units of the CleanT and are altogether somewhat cheaper than with a single order. In this way you can even equip your whole family with it. But be careful: The offers for cleaning teeth are not available indefinitely. They expire after a certain time. Therefore it is best to take advantage of them whenever possible. It is also not known whether such good offers will be posted again after the expiration.

The ordering process is very simple. All you have to do is to fill out the order form on the manufacturer’s website and then you can choose a payment method. Here the manufacturer uses secure methods. This includes both Paypal and credit card. Afterwards you can send the order. To complete the whole thing, you will receive a confirmation mail, in which everything is clearly summarized. When the CleanT is sent, you will receive another mail. In this mail you will find a link, which you can use to find out where the package is located. On the basis this information one gets then also an impression of it, when the package arrives with one. Afterwards you can also try out the CleanT immediately.

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Who is the supplier of the product?

We could not find out much information about the manufacturer. Nevertheless, here is his address, which is certainly helpful: Tech X Deal LTD, 112 Burren RD, Warrenpoint, Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, BT34 3XT. There is also a phone number and an e-mail address to contact. The e-mail address is The telephone number: +44 20 3808 9234.

Information about toothbrushes

For some years now, more and more dentists have been swearing by the use of an electric toothbrush. Admittedly, it is better than the typical one that you put through your mouth and have to make sure that everything is clean yourself. Many dentists also recommend it again and again, because it simply creates better oral hygiene. But that’s not enough: there is an even better alternative, as shown here in the form of CleanT. Because despite the use of an electric brush, it is not always guaranteed that the teeth will be completely clean, right up to the furthest corner. Within only ten seconds, the CleanT can do a better job here and also ensures that the teeth are whitened.

Especially the whitening has become more and more salonable within the last years. Not only does it give a better impression of the teeth, it also makes them look healthier. Unfortunately, this treatment is always a bit expensive for dentists and therefore not feasible for everyone. Nevertheless, some tooth whitening methods are not always healthy either, because they attack the teeth. With CleanT you do not need to worry about this. Because the device treats the teeth with care. The included toothpaste is also gentle on the teeth and gives them back their bright white.

Known FAQ about this product

In this section we would like to clarify the final facts about CleanT and explain what else is important with this product. We also answer a few questions that will help you to understand it even better.

  • Q: How long does the delivery take?
  • A: The manufacturer allows about 21 days. However, it always depends on where you order from. Then it may be faster or take a little longer.
  • Q: Is there a right of return?
  • A: Yes, you can decide within 30 days after receipt whether you want to keep CleanT or not. If not, do you just return it and get your money back?
  • Q: Do I have to worry that whitening will damage my teeth?
  • A: No! The toothpaste that comes with your teeth whitening kit ensures that everything is done properly and your teeth are just whitened. Also, cleaning your teeth becomes a breeze.
  • Q: Cleaning and whitening teeth?
  • A: Yes, CleanT is designed to clean your teeth and whiten them at the same time. Both processes take place simultaneously.
  • Q: Is it really possible to have teeth cleaned in ten seconds?

A: Normal brushes are not able to do this. But the CleanT has all the features to do this job in the shortest possible time.

Contact Information:

Tech X Deal LTD, 112 Burren RD, Warrenpoint, Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, BT34 3XT
telephone number: +44 20 3808 9234


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