Cliff Maloney Discusses His Advocacy of Grassroots Involvement

Sep 3, 2021 3:00 PM ET

What is meant by grassroots politics? Why is it a great idea to get involved politically on the grassroots level? How can the average person make a difference in this way? Cliff Maloney answers these questions.

What Is the Definition of the Term “Grassroots Politics?”

According to Cliff Maloney “grassroots politics” means when a political movement consists of people on a local level that become involved in either a person’s campaign or one that focuses on a hot button issue.  These people truly believe in the person or the cause they are representing and hope to make a difference in their community.

Examples of Grassroots Politics

We are not here to promote individual people and therefore will avoid giving specific names.  However, we do want to shed some light on an example our younger generations might be familiar with.  Doing so shows how a grassroots effort can influence other people.

Back in the early 2000s, a grassroots-oriented organization was formed called the Axis of Justice.  It still comprises well-known musicians who wanted to make a difference.  They were spurred into action following observations of a large live concert that seemed to promote racism.

How Has Cliff Maloney Reacted to This Effort?

Today it is not only musicians that are involved, but fans as well.  Cliff Maloney is definitely impressed with this type of effort.  The collective driving force behind any grassroots movement, this preceding one included, is people who care about other people.

There are many organizations existing today that came about due to grassroots efforts by celebrities and ordinary citizens alike.  They serve as an inspiration for others who now wish to follow in their footsteps.  This certainly pleases Cliff Maloney.

How Important Are They?

Believe it or not, grassroots organizations are considered to be as equally valuable as monetary donations.  There are many cases where a candidate with this kind of help assisted their candidate in getting elected.  The same can be said of critical movements.  Cliff Maloney understands this and serves as a role model for young people everywhere.

Cliff Maloney Offers His Opinion With Respect to Getting Started

So, how can you get started in a grassroots effort?  It really does not matter which party you are affiliated with or what issues move you to act.  Becoming involved in a cause is good for everyone.  You never know what opportunities can come your way when you speak up for another person or a specific issue.  Cliff Maloney says to get started today.

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