Colorado, Will Getting Into a Truck Accident Get My Commercial Driving License Suspended?

Apr 13, 2020 9:40 PM ET

To receive one’s commercial driving license (CDL), candidates must go through many initial screenings and complete the appropriate training. This alone can take months and the last thing any driver wants is to have their license suspended after only a short while of driving professionally.

If a truck driver gets into an accident that is caused specifically by his or her negligence, then the chances of them losing their CDL are very high. Not only can a trucker lose their CDL, but they can also be taken to court and sued for their irresponsible behavior.  Truck drivers who get into serious accidents should not hesitate before getting in touch with a truck accident attorney in Colorado to help them clear their names and possibly have their penalties reduced.

A truck driver can have their CDL suspended under the following conditions:

If they were breaking traffic rules (such as driving 15MPH above the speed limit, driving recklessly, and making dangerous lane changes)
If they were driving while intoxicated
If they were purposely following other vehicles too closely and showing road rage
If they were driving long hours while being sick or fatigued

Truckers who hold a CDL carry a significant responsibility to follow the safest driving practices. A single truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and if this vehicle is traveling at high speeds and loses control, the result can be nothing short of catastrophic.

The injuries and harm that result from a truck accident can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damages. No truck driver should have to shoulder this financial penalty on their shoulders unnecessarily.

Apart from the truck driver, who else can be liable for the collision?

Truck drivers are generally not the only ones who have to face the wrath of the law after getting into an accident. The trucking company is first on the list since most truckers are working as employees. The company that owns the truck, the cargo company whose goods were being transported, the manufacturer of the truck, and even the individuals responsible for keeping track of truck maintenance can all be questioned depending on how exactly the accident occurred.

The only case in which a trucker is held solely responsible for the accident is if they were highly negligent and driving uncontrollably. Even in cases where it is discovered the trucker was driving without a CDL, the trucking company can also be penalized for failing to screen their employees properly before giving them the job.

Anyone who is involved in a truck accident should speak with a legal representative to help them cover the damages.



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