Common garage door screen challenges? Solved!

Oct 20, 2020 11:24 AM ET

Oct 20, 2020 7:24 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Oct 20, 2020

One very common problem with most retractable door and window screens is their extremely “delicate” design and construction. Most retractable screen manufacturers design on the drawing board, without considering the real-world application of their creations. As a result, they produce products with temperamental nature:

  • A slight bit of externally-induced force, for instance from a gust of wind, and the screens go flying open!
  • An unintentionally strong bang on the door, like when you slam it behind you or open the window quickly, and the screens open, letting in debris, insects and dust and particles into the room!
  • Try opening the screen…ever so slightly – and they slam. It takes tender love and care (TLC!) to open them, something that’s not typically found in the real world!

The root cause of these issues? Poor design, of course! What most retractable door screen manufacturers use, to hold the screen in place is a crude form of magnetic clasping system at two ends of the screen. When the two magnetic fixtures come together, they hold the screen shut.

However, the force of the magnets is so weak, that when there’s even the slightest bit of pressure exerted, the magnets give way and can’t hold the screens together. It is this underlying design flaw that also causes door screens to slam when you open them even slightly.

So, what’s the solution to this dilemma? Ingenuity in design! Using a clutch hydraulic system is the only way to ensure that your retractable garage door screen opens gently, and stays shut when you close it.

Beauty & the beast

Well designed, smartly manufactured garage screen doors don’t just serve the obvious purpose – which is to screen out unwanted environmental elements from the indoors. They’re meant to do more.

Unfortunately, most screen door manufacturers aren’t worried about the finer points of garage door screen esthetics. As a result, the screens turn out as beasts, instead of the beauties, they’re meant to be! The result: Once installed, the screens obstruct natural light from filtering into the garage. This is especially an issue with less spacious garages because the screens tend to create a cluster phobic and unwelcoming environment.

Taming the beast

One way to tame the beast of hideous-looking, unsightly garage screen doors, is to work with a reputable door screen manufacturer. The ideal solution, both from a practical and esthetics point of view, is to use a DIY garage screen door kit tailored to your needs. And, because these kits fit most garages, you’re likely to get them to be perfect fits for your personalized spaces.

And, you can do more with your retractable screens than you think. These “invisible screens” use a patented hydraulic clutch system, that makes them equally functional for your patio, porches, lanais, gazebos, workshops, pool enclosures, commercial use in restaurants, office and so much more. The precision engineering slays the beast of unsightly screens, while providing an uninterrupted flow of fresh air, clear visibility into the outdoors, and act as an unfailing insect and bug repellent.